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Guild Information
"For Dalaran!"

Kirin Tor. Magus Senate in our old tongue. For centuries, the city of Dalaran has served as a beacon for the magical minded and the innately curious. From all walks of life gather the men and women of the Kirin Tor. Alone, we were separate and without purpose. Together we stood to create a shining beacon of a state. A city who's might rivals that of the greatest human nations. The Kirin Tor was created to catalog every spell, curse and incantation known to Azeroth and beyond. All who gathered within Dalaran came for peace and prosperity and to sate the hunger for knowledge that is inherent to all sentient beings. All under the ever watchful Violet Eye.

Our Guild's mission statement:

To create an active and helpful roleplaying community for the Dalaran likeminded. To rise to the expectations of our active members and RolePlaying community. We strive to uphold a welcoming, healthy and lore-abiding RolePlaying environment in which members may gather to play and RP for enjoyment. Be it alone, or with their fellow guildmates.
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