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Director: Salazar Demes
Director of Alchemy: Erfaun Smithson
Teachers should Sign up here and set up classes
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Current and Past Research Projects.
One of the vaults used by the Magus Senate of Dalaran.
Head Proctor: Vacant
Lead Engineer:
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Stories and Students of the Creative Wizard School go here!
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Ministry of Academics

[Pinned] Ministry of Academics: "We want your Spells!"

Greetings to you all! As Master of Spells of the Ministry of Academics, I am pleased to announce the commencement of the Kirin Tor's Comprehensive Effort to catalog every spell, curse and incantation known to Azeroth and beyond! While the classic ...
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Ministry of Academics

[Pinned] Recommendation for Artifact Classification Level

Dear Colleagues of the Librarium,As I have to pen Two Reports on the Librarium's newly acquired artifact and have failed to see a uniformed classification of artifacts, I propose the following classification system which consists of four levels.Le...
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Ministry of Academics

Academics Holdings

A Growing List: The Antonidas Academy:Built for students and scholars alike, the academy is located on the secondary major island of Dalaran. This academy houses classrooms, tasteful art, artifacts and libraries where students and Senators alike a...
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Ministry of Academics

ARCHAEOLOGISTS: New Program for Kirin Tor Diggers!

*This notice is found posted around various offices within the Academy and the Dalaran Library. Some scribbles of bones and digging materials used by archaeologists decorates the corner and edges*Professor Alazea Emberstar within the Ministry of A...
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Ministry of Academics

Academics Membership List

Until we get the basic structure worked out, and we will everything together, this is just a loose list of people involved in what for contact purposes. While some of you work in many areas, I'm just going to divide the names up once, just so I ca...
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Ministry of Academics

Demonic Classification Chart

NOTE: Demons are not permitted within any major city of the Alliance, regardless of threat level.AlphaAlpha level demons are the most dangerous. They are extremely difficult, if not impossible to fully bind. DO NOT SUMMON AT ANY COST.BetaBeta leve...
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Ministry of Academics

Magical Verdict: Familiars.

Familiars are hereby defined as creatures or constructs that have bee magically summoned or augmented to provide a level of interaction and defensive purposes for the betterment of a mage's defense or analytical purposes. A familiar is capable of ...
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