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The Wizard's District

[Pinned] Tales from the Front (IC)

This thread is a collection of IC stories set during the Legion campaign, in particular during the first and second waves of the Broken Shore Scenario! Post as you will, but remember that knowledge of what happens may or may not be explicitly or c...
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The Wizard's District

[Pinned] Technological compilation

The war ministry is makin' an archive of our current technology fer th'purposes of establishin' readiness an' disposition fer sustained conflict. Please enter in inta th'archive below any pertinent infermation. ((post any neat tech you come up wit...
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The Wizard's District

[Pinned] The Wizard's District Overview

((As we all know, the in game map what we see isn’t all there is to the world. The world and cities are obviously much bigger than displayed. Dalaran is no exception. While there’s no canon for the other portions of the city, I’ve taken the libert...
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The Wizard's District

The Little Violet Flower

The night air was cool in Dalaran today. There was a gentle breeze that caressed the buildings and the people inside the city. Many were starting to retire to their homes so they could rest and be with their family. Some shops were still open thou...
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The Wizard's District

[IC] Uncovered Tomes

"Alllright! I want those books ya'll got from suramar research!" The magical memo says in Van's voice as it appears before you. "Send me back a message with what ye got, thanks."(Books, scrolls, tomes, spells uncovered during Van's suramar event g...
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The Wizard's District

The Dancing Dragon

The Dancing Dragon (or Tiàowu de Lóng) is one of the Wizard's District's many restaurants, known for its commitment to Pandaren cuisine and culture and homely, welcoming appearance. It's a favorite to many, as prices are fair and the mood is alway...
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The Wizard's District

The Mage's Masquerade

Beginning on the first Friday of the coming August, a new festival is coming to Dalaran! The Mage's Masquerade invites mages, apprentices, and citizens of Dalaran to walk the streets of our lovely city after sunset with your best costumes! Illusio...
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The Wizard's District

Wizard District Artist's Wall

In the Wizard District of Dalaran is a wall of smooth granite with an enchanted glossy sheen. The wall was said to have been built - for no particular reason - by a stone mason and an illusionist who'd had a rather boring day.Whatever the origins ...
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The Wizard's District

The Sketches of Duncan three were recovered in the Alley House.
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The Wizard's District

Public Service Annoucement 6/16/35

To the mage that is responsible for dropping the ruins of a 27 foot metal boat onto the stairs of the Violet Citadel, report as soon as possible to the Dalaran Guard Office for the following offenses:1. Destruction of Dalaranian Property:Stairs,Pa...
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The Wizard's District

Finishing a Long Term Project

Oli grinned widely, the cackle escaping her as she practically skipped down the street out of the Magus Commerce Exchange, the occasional guardsman flinching or rolling their eyes at her passing.She finally had enough!She practically kicked down t...
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The Wizard's District

Alia's Life Improvement

Toys laid everywhere in Mays and Alazeas apartment in the Lordamere spire, it seemed that on every surface there was some kind of toy of wooden or cloth composition. It was really quite a disaster if one were to walk in without knowing what was go...
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The Wizard's District

Weekly Prompt: Something Beautiful

made this guy for my mom for mother's day because we both love the monet water lilies so much ^.^
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The Wizard's District

Writing Prompt: Something Beautiful

Gehlnarine's own snoring woke him. He had nodded off during his research. That usually didn't happen. He dismissed it as being a product of his body being properly aged for once instead of de-aged to his mid 40s. In reality, he was in his 70s and,...
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The Wizard's District

Writing Prompt: The Beauty of Success

Meren stood in the darkness of his workshop, the only light illuminating the room was the thick blue line that came from his fingers. Mana hung in the air as if drawn on paper, taking the shape of a large, man sized oval. Chanting softly, Meren re...
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The Wizard's District

Writing Prompt: The Cage Door Opens

Her aunt and uncle had, for the most part, left her to live her life. Just as they had left Fuerel to live his life. But his life had him falling in love with other nobles, which made for an easy marriage arrangement, and the benefit of the House....
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The Wizard's District

Writing Prompt: Singing in the Rain

It had been months since Calyrien had taken the time to visit his mother’s grave. It wasn’t much, really - just a small, unmarked grave hidden behind an abandoned church in the Deadwind Pass. He knew his mother had never been there during her lif...
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The Wizard's District

Writing Prompt: Written in Stone

Delca took up the chisel like a sword inherited on the morn after battle. She was clumsy with the blade, infirm in her handling, yet slivers of granite still fell from the block with every beat of the hammer. The tip of the chisel hovered around t...
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The Wizard's District

Writing Prompt: Now Make Something That 'Doesn't' Blow Up! Ft. Sepiran Shadesong

Oli leaned down, squinting at the focus of the last four hours. Her Uncle Sep, smirking, tipped back his flask as Ben, his ancient Springpaw Lynx, and Senator Crabbington traded more stories of their foolish and reckless elven companions."And you'...
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The Wizard's District

Things to Come [Teaser]

It was a beautiful day in Stormwind. The breeze that came off the mountains was fairly mild for the season and the temperature was just starting to reach a point where the wind was pleasant. The city bustled as crowds moved, a sea of stories ebbin...
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