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The Department of Diplomatic Relations is charged with establishing and promoting the relations Dalaran has with foreign entities. They are also responsible for promoting Dalaranian interest abroad.
The Department of Commerce and Trade Deputy Farel Arc
All Diplomatic Pouches for the Ambassadors of Dalaran can be found here. They often contain updates on Dalaran Foreign policy and events going on around the world.
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The Correspondence section is for any and all communication between the Senate and its allies. Letters, invitations, requests, etc. can be posted here and replied to.
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

[Pinned] Foreign Affairs Roster

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is comprised of Ambassadors, Diplomats, and various other officials Dalaran and the Magus Senate. Below is a roster of all members of the Ministry:Minister of Foreign Affairs:Archmage Elberich HaltringDeputy-Ministe...
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

[Pinned] Allies of the Magus Senate

(Work in progress.)The Dwarven VanguardContacts: General Foghas Lightbeard & General Bromas EbonramThe First RegimentContact: Lord-Marshal Maxen MontclairThe Gnomeregan Far Fielder'sContact: Sergeant Phelburt CogswellThe League of LordaeronCon...
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[Pinned] Foreign Policy
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

[Pinned] Foreign Policy

AsylumThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with the Ministry of Justice are responsible for cases of people seeking asylum in Dalaran. In order to receive asylum one must get the approval of the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Foreign Aff...
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