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Research Projects

"Spell-Eater" Research - Sontya Reide

The Shaldorei have a special construct unit known as the Chronarch Defender (though I’ve come to start calling it the ‘Spell-Eater’) capable of absorbing magical attacks to store the mana for later use. I’ve only seen the more basic of units, but ...
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Research Projects


Biocrystals are specially designed materials with a crystalline lattice capable of bonding with organic materials such as fibrous proteins, neurons, and collagen typically for the purpose of altering, imitating, or enhancing certain biologic or ma...
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Research Projects

Arcane Atomic Alterations Project

As advancements continue in arcane, optic, and mechanic technologies new areas of magical development have been unlocked. Applying the base principles of arcane transmutation, scripting, and matter conjuration to atomic particles, the Arcane Atomi...
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Research Projects

Piezoelectric Phase-Oscillation Crystal Generator

Originally beginning as a search for reliable piezoelectric energy sources, this project includes the use of arcane phase-oscillation which will be researched in-depth with future projects.Piezoelectricity occurs when certain materials are polariz...
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Research Projects

Chronomatic Dissonance

An excerpt from a larger body of work written by Li Xing on Chronomancy, found in the Great Library of the Violet Citadel. In light of the chronomatic artifact discovered in the unstable spacetime surrounding Karazhan, it has been forwarded to the...
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Research Projects

Artifact Study - The Third Moon

Penned by Li Xing and submitted to the Ministry of Academic's Research Department and the Vault.•••The Third Moon is an orb of Highborne design -- in essence, designed to project a powerful charm spell over an area that is able to trap any form of...
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Research Projects

Suramar Research Notes

At the Academics Office, copies of a multi-page document -- the result of months of research -- are available for all who might request them.
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Research Projects

Astromancy Research: Midnight Sun

His fingers drummed leisurely on a stack of crumpled papers; notes and sketches penned in the heat of fevered research. "Any second now..." He spoke out loud, though no one was around to listen. The young mage had been waiting for what felt like f...
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Research Projects

Material Study - Leystone

Penned and submitted to the Ministry of Academics' Research Department and the Great Library of the Violet Citadel by Li Xing.An Introduction to LeystoneIn its forged and unaltered state, Leystone possesses a high density and weight, and a high lu...
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Research Projects

Fel Emission Inhibitor - Thimine

Thimine is a clear multi-state alchemical compound similar in synthesis to other SYNO compounds though acting inversely to the catalytic compound Samine. Thimine decelerates Fel emissions from entities and objects, reducing (though not eliminating...
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Research Projects

Fel Absorbing Compound - Ximine

Ximine is a light-green multi-state alchemical SYNO compound similar to Vamine, Mirsine, and Phimine capable of absorbing and containing large amounts of Fel energy without residual emission. Ximine can be produced as a liquid, solid (crystalline ...
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Research Projects

Fel Emission Acceleration Catalyst - Samine

Samine is a light-blue multi-state alchemical compound grouped with other SYNO compounds such as Vamine, Phimine, and Mirsine. Samine was recently designed as an agent capable of drastically increasing the emission rate of Fel energy, thus reducin...
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Research Projects

Effects of Arcane Corruption

Arcane corruption has manifested in individuals in unique ways which we have yet to understand. White hair, unnaturally blue or luminous eyes, an aged appearance, and volatile auras are all examples. With consent, individuals whom have been expose...
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Research Projects

Relic Study: Bronze Idol

While on dig in Eldre'thalas, or currently known as Dire Maul, my research party unearthed a number of significant items from the central gardens of the complex. A silver scroll case, which is fairly common to find at old elven sites, a brilliant ...
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Research Projects

Mana Crystallization and Densification

Mana Crystallization and Densification From the scribed hand of Meren Thaddeos Young, arcanist, battlemage, and stubbornly private researcher of the Magus Senate of Dalaran. The work summarized and collected here is the result of many years of adv...
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Research Projects

Biome Preserver

The Biome Preservation project is a long term experiment of Hellissa Brisby-Pyrestaff in the hopes of preserving various biomes for a multitude of reasons. The primary reason being for research and experimental purposes for Dalarani or Raingate us...
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Research Projects

Standard Arcane Measurements Committee

To further advance arcane sciences and to provide methods by-which magi may further their understanding of the arcane arts, the senate-sponsored Standard Arcane Measurements project has been authorized. To facilitate appropriate values and nomencl...
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Research Projects

Effects of Arcane Flux

The arcane is a powerful and dangerous force, its use comes at great peril when abused, though if treated properly yields services many rely on. To some the line separating proper use and abuse is blurred; at what point is it excessive, and what a...
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Research Projects

The Research Project Overview!

Looking to start a new research project? Don't know where exactly to start? Where to go? How to accomplish it! This overview will assist!Start with a hypothesis. A hypothesis is your question. Your proposed explanation for what is happening, or wh...
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Research Projects


The Data-Slate is similar to the Holo-bracer in theory. Both are connected to the Dalaran Magi-Tech network and used for communication and field purposes. The Data-slate does not have holographic features, and is instead a small hand held device,...
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