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Testing Overview

Novice level is when someone is just starting. There are no novice level tests.Apprentice level is the level that students under a teacher are at, still learning, but not really ready to graduate into adept yet.In order to take any test in any fie...
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Conjuration Proficiency Test

The Conjuration Proficiency Test or CPT is the test given by the Kirin Tor to determine whether one is an expert in the conjuration school and able to use the titles of Conjurer or Summoner. One must pass at least three of four examinations. Each ...
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Astromancer Test

In order to earn the title of "Astromancer" from the Kirin Tor one must answer the following questions correctly. This test is to be administered by the Minister of Administration.1. List the names of all the moons of Azeroth in order of size, fro...
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Abjuration Test

What are the armor types? What sets them apart?What is a ward? How can it be used?Why is Abjuration important for inexperience casters? What is an example of a powerful shield?Please pull up a shield and have it tested, both magical, then physical...
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Runemaster Test

Adept Test1: What are runes? (Adequate Definition)2: What are the three types of runes, and how are each used?3: What is a Runic Site and what are they used for?4: In what three ways can runes be crafted, and how are each used?5: How are runes det...
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Enchanting Test

To be proclaimed an ADEPT in enchanting, one must be able to do the following:Enchant an item with a lasting useful enchant.Make an enchanting rod, for enchanting.Break down enchanted items for their materials.Place an enchant on a scroll.To be pr...
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The Illusion Test

Illusion is the school of making things appear as something they are not. But it obviously goes deeper than that. Mirror images is one of the best examples, as not only are they illusion copies of the mage, but they are each imbued with a spell to...
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