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Alchemy Department

Alchemical Classification & Categorization System

Addressing one of the most commonly asked questions, within the ACCS potions are categorized as alchemical mixtures which have instantaneous or near-instantaneous, non-lasting effects not to include after-effects. Elixirs are categorized as alchem...
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Alchemy Department

Multi-Spectrum Vitreous Focuser

Some alchemists and arcanists may be familiar with the Vitreous Focuser; a device capable of identifying arcane components found in the body of various creatures. Though the range and accuracy with-which these devices have been able to measure arc...
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Alchemy Department

Alchemical Spell Focus

A document summarizing the goals and results of a current alchemy project.Alchemy - as we know - is the combination of materials (named reagents) which contain mystic energies, or which have the potential for mystic effects when mixed in appropria...
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Alchemy Department

Alchemy Equipment

For those new to the Alchemy Labs or who are simply interested in the work of an Alchemist, the following is a compilation of common alchemical equipment and their uses:Mortar & Pestle A device used to prepare ingredients or substances by crus...
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Alchemy Department

An important message

I would like to say a few words in regard to the Alchemy Department. Yes we supply the health and healing potions including stronger variants. I understand the last few weeks have been a bit hectic with the mage slayer as well as other cases of i...
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Alchemy Department

Alchemy License Test

The Following is in regards to the Alchemy License Test. Those wishing to join the Alchemy department must have a license and shall be given one once the Director has gone through the application process.The Alchemy License Test:Dependent on what ...
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Alchemy Department

Alchemy Department Info and Application

What is the Alchemy Department? A department dedicated to studying and performing different forms of alchemy, catalog the various alchemic formulas be it elixir, potion, or transmutation, and enforce the Alchemy Act. For information on the Alchemy...
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Alchemy Department

The Alchemy Act

The Alchemy Act sets out the laws which all alchemists must follow while in Dalaran. Producing Toxic FumesOne is in guilty of Producing Toxic Fumes if:I. One creates a fume that causes harm or could cause harm to others while in a public space orI...
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