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Department of Aberrant Magic

[Pinned] Demonic Classifications and Summoning Guidelines

Demonic ClassificationsAlpha:ImpFel ImpFelhunterVoidwalkerSuccubusBeta:ObserverFelguardInfernalWrathguardGammaShivarraVoidlordAbyssalDelta:DoomguardTerrorguardOmega:Man’ari EredarAnhillian (Pit Lord)NathrezhimAlpha demons are suitable for warlocks...
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Department of Aberrant Magic

[Pinned] Directorate of Research

Full Legal Name:What is your magical specialty?:What field(s) of magic would you like to research?:Fields of magic include Light, Shadow, Life, Death, Order and Disorder.If this research includes regulated magic, do you consent to being examined p...
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Department of Aberrant Magic

Scepter of Bal’gorath

Scepter of Bal’gorathType: StaveComposition: Alloy of Truesilver and NetherciteColor: Dark green hueConstruction: The body of the staff is forged from an alloy of Truesilver and Nethercite, giving it special arcane properties from the Truesilver, ...
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Department of Aberrant Magic

Temporal Wastebasket

Temporal Wastebasket [PROTOTYPE]Clearance: AlphaDisclaimer: I have personally deemed that the usage of this project as dangerous, although my say means nothing, that is just my observation of it.Temporal WastebasketPurpose: Disposal of any object ...
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Department of Aberrant Magic

Voidship Requisition Analysis

Report: Voidship Requisition AnalysisDirector DemesFor the Eyes of the War Ministry Only.This is a preliminary report of the technology acquired by the War Ministry for analysis, with further analysis currently underway as there is a considerable ...
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Department of Aberrant Magic

HELP WANTED: Directorate of Magical Defense

HELP WANTED:Position: DirectorDirectorate of Magical DefenseMinistry of Aberrant MagicDirectorate Description:The Directorate of Magical Defense is tasked with apprehending rogue spellcasters, both ‘light’ and ‘dark.’ Unlike the rest of the Kirin ...
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Department of Aberrant Magic

M.E.W. Official Statement #2

Dear Senators,It has come to the attention of the Ministry of Eclectic Wizardry that certain experiments have been conducted on Dalarani soil pertaining to the purification of Warlock magic, in an effort to bring order to an inherently dangerous a...
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Department of Aberrant Magic

MEW Resource and Materials Classification Scheme

Class I: Highly Dangerous or Classified - Accessible only with express written permission of Minister, Deputy Minister, or Department Head. [Minimum Clearance Level: Beta] Records pertaining to the practice of prohibited or otherwise abberant form...
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Department of Aberrant Magic

M.E.W. Item Manifest

The following is a items under research of M.E.W., as well as those retrieved in the field, with their corresponding descriptions and clearance levels.Skeleton Key [PROTOYPE]:Clearance: AlphaThe "Skeleton Key" currently under development by the De...
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Department of Aberrant Magic

M.E.W. Clearances

The following is a list of who has what Ministry of Eclectic Wizardry security clearance. Other ministries may, but are not required to recognize these clearances, and may choose to issue their own based on their own assessment. Clearances are giv...
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Department of Aberrant Magic

Security Clearance System

Alpha: Entry level clearance, and information is given on a purely need to know basis. All information is low to medium risk, and that the unauthorized disclosure of it could reasonably cause some or moderate damage to Senate Security.Beta: Top le...
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Department of Aberrant Magic

Fringe Continuum

After the decimation of the Fringe Office in the Underbelly, the new Fringe Base has been constructed in a considerably more secure pocket dimension, referred to as the Fringe Continuum, accessible only by direct teleportation, if one knows the at...
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Department of Aberrant Magic

OFFICIAL STATEMENT from the Minister of Eclectic Wizardry

My fellow Senators, As Minister of Eclectic Wizardry, I would like to grievously apologize for the behavior of those under my Ministry this evening at the Fel magic forum. The way the Ministry was presented made it appear that we do not take our m...
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