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Invitation to the Elven Embassy

To all those of Thalassian heritage, the Foreign Ministry would like to extend this invitation to you. We have been informed about the establishment of a Elven Embassy, to better serve the Quel'dorei.This first meeting will be held in Stormwind d...
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Letter on Foreign Affairs

Dear Mr. Dawnstrider,In recent years our political standing with the Alliance and Azeroth as a whole has increased dramatically with great credit due to the senators of our Foreign Affairs ministry. We face crisis time and time again, though our m...
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Open Letter to the Stormwind Guard

Marshal Adroby Relindor,I am writing regarding the incidents of the morning of February 5th 635 KC. In which armed and combat ready personal followed unbidden and uninvited followed a group of Dalarani citizens and their guests into the Violet Cit...
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