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Dalaran Emergency Management Agency

[Pinned] Department Information

The Dalaran Emergency Management Agency is responsible for coordinating and assisting in all responses to instances of major disasters in Dalaran territory, including but not limited to providing food and supplies, shelter, safe passage, and with ...
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Dalaran Emergency Management Agency

Dalaranian Disaster Pamphlets (DDPs)

The Kirin Tor thanks you for your interest in the astral body now present in our skies! They would also like to reassure you that they and all affiliated organizations are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of all those present in Dala...
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Dalaran Emergency Management Agency

Disaster Report: Legion Assault on Dalaran

Dalaran Emergency Management AgencyDisaster Report Re: Legion Assault on Dalaran, April 9th, 38 L.C.Street Level: Pavement between the Eventide and Violet Gate has been ripped out of the ground and largely destroyed when the Legion used it to cons...
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Dalaran Emergency Management Agency

Incident Report: Lucas Blakemore, Portrait Room

Penned by Li Xing in neat, flowing script.The incident in the Portrait Room concerning Lucas Blakemore and the enchanted tarot cards that had been in his possession (to my knowledge, he had them on account of a writ granted by the Madam Chancellor...
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