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Department of Research & Development

[Pinned] Department Information

This department is tasked with a focus on defense research and development to protect the city of Dalaran, its territories and citizens. This department works in conjunction with other Ministries as needed in order to conduct its work, namely the ...
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Department of Research & Development

Dalaran Information System Network

Dalaran Information System NetworkThe Dalaran Information System Network (DISN) is the Magocracy of Dalaran’s enterprise network for providing data, voice, and holographic telecommunications services. It is a City-wide encrypted network that allow...
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Department of Research & Development


Project TEMPESTClassification: Chancellor, Committee on IntelligenceProject TEMPEST refers to the development of scrying tools focused on information gathering of external systems through leaked emanations, including unintentional aural signals, s...
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Department of Research & Development

The Arcandome

The Arcandome [COMPLETE]Classification Level: CabinetAs part of a series of security upgrades for the City of Dalaran, there will be put in place a heavy modulated temporal dissonance field around the City, except in and around the Violet Gate. Th...
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