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[Pinned] Neverland
Department of Magical Defense

[Pinned] Neverland

NeverlandCLASSIFIED: Chancellor and Ministry of the InteriorUndisclosed to the public, Neverland is a place where the Department of Magical Defense keeps its most dangerous prisoners, off the grid far away from Dalaran. In fact, Neverland is not a...
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Department of Magical Defense

[Pinned] Dark Hunter Program

Dark Hunter ProgramWhen the Kirin Tor could send no one else, it sent in you. For you are the elite, you are the bold, and with magic and might combined, there is no one that can stand a chance.What is a Dark Hunter? They are the individuals that ...
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Department of Magical Defense

[Pinned] Department Structure

Department of Magical DefenseA mix of an intelligence agency and operations, the Department of Magical Defense is tasked with ensuring public security for Dalaran and its territories, specifically with with investigating and apprehending rogue spe...
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Department of Magical Defense

Dome of the Infinite

Dome of the Infinite [COMPLETE]Type: Stellar ObservatoryLocation: Top level of a formerly demolished spire located in western Dalaran.Diameter: 70 YardsBuilt by the Department of Magical Defense, the newly constructed stellar observatory is the cu...
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Department of Magical Defense

Sentinax Scrying Report - April 6, 38 L.C.

Scrying ReportRe: SentinaxApril 6, 38 L.C.To: Chancellor, Minister of WarFrom: Minister DemesThe following is a scrying report as retrieved by the Scrylithon 2000 during the boarding mission to the Sentinax.Based on the location of the Scrylithon ...
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Department of Magical Defense

Security Report - March 29, 38 L.C.

Security ReportRe: Broken ShoreMarch 29, 38 L.C.To: CabinetFrom: Minister DemesYesterday’s attempted destruction of Dalaran and the Legion’s resurgence on the Broken Shore was met for the most part with little surprise, though we have uncovered a ...
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Department of Magical Defense

[CLOSED] Target: Lucas Blakemore

Department of Magical Defense[CLOSED] Target DirectiveName: Lucas BlakemoreAge: 18Status: DetainedReport: During the Void outbreak in the Portrait Room on March 12, 38 L.C., Mr. Lucas Blakemore was reportedly consumed by "black mist" that was rele...
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Department of Magical Defense

Visions of the Void

Still very much startled from the experience of touching the black orb retrieved from the Nighthold, Salazar left the Council chambers feeling as if the world was about to crash down around him, and that there was little he could do. The orb induc...
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Department of Magical Defense

Decrypting the Cryptex

Arriving at Joint Base Ambermill, Salazar hopped off his feldrake, leaving it in the courtyard, which was still burnt and riddled with the decaying remnants of the past. To the unbeknownst traveler, Ambermill was nothing but a relic, but beneath t...
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Department of Magical Defense

Investigation Report: Stormwind Cultist

During the late evening of Wednesday August, 19th 625 K.C. members of the Magus Senate were requested to give their insight on a matter concerning Cultist activity in Stormwind city. Lord Speaker Emerson, with the permission of the Ministry of Jus...
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Department of Magical Defense

The Shadow Census [Revised]

Below is listed the names of those registered darkweavers within the Magus Senate of Dalaran:Lionnel Ambrose Arcweld IIIBuwick CoalcandleKalecthos DelnathorCalyrien CharbonneauCornileus BlackwoodNiklaren RosewoodRomaxton DarkmaneSyri O'SullivanAda...
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