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[Pinned] Story Telling and Event Leading

As we go through the Senate, many of us have the desire to lead events. While classes tend to be easy, lecture, a bit of show and tale, and everyone comes away from it a bit more educated on the subject, doing an adventure or military event tends ...
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[Pinned] Guild Policy on Warlocks in the Kirin Tor

Hello everyone.So it has come to the attention of the officer corp that there are some concerns from our warlock RPers given the new direction our guild RP is going.Concerns being that these warlocks feel they are going to be removed or be discrim...
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[Pinned] Sample Interview Questions for interviewing new members

Please be sure to ask some derivation of these questions. -Van0. (Optional) Canonically summon the Great Codex, the Registry of Dalaran.1./s First and foremost. Care to state your full name for Posterity?2./s And second, Where is your place of Ori...
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[Pinned] Dazzling Championship!

The Dazzling Championship is a monthly contest held by the Magus Senate of Dalaran on the last Tuesday of the month.The championship is held monthly in the sewers of Dalaran. The Senate rents out part of the Circle of Wills from the goblins. Every...
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[Pinned] Lore/Fanon Sources!

Here are some good things to check out if you need to brush up on lore.From Wowpedia: Dalaran Mage Magic Arcane Lore Most of the Magus Senate fanon can be viewed in these forums or on the MG wikia.From the Moonguard Wikia: Magus Senate Pages Magic...
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Dalaran Intelligence Service (Non-guild group)

Founded as the Violet Eye to spy on the Guardians of Tirisfal, the organization eventually grew to conduct clandestine operations around the world. Today, the organization has a wide breadth of responsibility, from investigating uses of dark magic...
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Ok so wait

I put through an application last night, and I am able to view the forums. Does this mean I go on to the next step?
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The Backwards Hourglass

A campaign! Exciting and wonderful! So this campaign requires some Out of Character notes before we begin. The event will be divided into what people sign up for. Don't worry about signing up for a certain aspect, as if there's not enough in one s...
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The Senate turns FOUR!
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Temporary Suspension of Azerothian History

Due to a repeating and sporadic occurrence of absences and low turnouts to my Azerothian history courses, I will be suspending them for the time being. The sign-up etiquette needs some work, as I'll expect larger turnouts only to see nobody come a...
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Screenshots from Scrying
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I wrote a song.

To the tune of RoyalsI’ve never seen a human in the flesh.Cut my teeth on brawling rings as a toddler.And I’m real proud of my heritaaaage.In the torn up world. They call it Draenor.But everybody’s like, demons, portals, unlimited powerFel blood, ...
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PC broke

Well bad news people my pc decided to sayf you and just crashed on me so i will be back soon with a new computer.
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Prizes for Writing Prompts

If you win one of the writing prompts, you are able to choose from the prize list below. Mail Hellissa or Mab in game with your desired prize.Hexweave BagGronnling MountPet from the Pets TabWeapon Enchant (Mark of...)Engineering ToyElixir of the R...
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i sat on my cow!

yep... it means just what it says. normally i would say go look at my facebook page, but as i recently found out, not all of you have one. so i figured i'd share these here ^.^ this is our steer, Brogan. the big lonely cow who gets out to go visit...
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Senate Calender

So, awhile back a Senate Calender idea was thought up and created by the amazing Mab. The idea of the calender was to create one for men, and one for women, in order to sell ICly to raise money for the orphanages around Azeroth. People volunteered...
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I have returned/update on my old event campaign, if people care.

So I'm back, potentially. Things on this side have settled down and I should be able to get back on like I used to.Now to the part that people care about, if they do at all.If I am allowed to, I would of course want to resume my whole event campai...
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Fel Magic Symposium [Server Event Idea]

With the wrap up and Warlord of Draenor and the Rise of the Legion I thought we could host a server event about Fel magic and demons. Khadgar is suspicious of a return of the Legion so it would make sense for the Kirin Tor to be actively researchi...
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For Mages

Even without dialogue...most should understand.
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