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(Name Withheld for Now)

11/25/2017 - Introduction

On November 25th, 38 L.C., the Senate meeting was interrupted by a sudden and unexpected event that thrust the Senate chamber into a magically induced state of total darkness. Unable to have any form of illumination pierce this veil of shadow, the Senate members present could do nothing except hear the indistinct muffled noises reverberating throughout the hall. Unable to pinpoint the source of these sounds, some Senators began to think quick on their feet to walk toward the center and stand back to back in a defensive position. However, as soon as this idea was relayed to the other members present, the muffled sounds ceased simultaneously, and the darkness was lifted from the chamber shortly thereafter. Upon first glance, nothing seemed different at all, all the books, artifacts, knick knacks and members were seemingly unharmed. But in the aftermath of this befuddling event, the question remains: what happened in the darkness?

12/2/2017 - The Arcane Vault

After a series of anomalous readings being picked up from the Arcane Vaults, a team of senators went down with Ministers Demes and Pyrestaff to ascertain the cause of the disruption. Upon entering the vaults, the senators witnessed a disturbing array of flickering lights, indistinct sounds, and coming face-to-face with an amorphous creature that emitted loud, piercing shrieks. Managing to get one contained after it attacked some of the senators, the group made their way to a vault that contained items stored for the Kirin Tor’s museum, as well as other various magical artifacts. Inside the vault, however, they met the amalgamation of the amorphous creature, which surprisingly did not attack the group. But it was when they decided to capture the creature in the hopes of not setting off the Vault defenses or breaking any of the artifacts, did the same darkness set upon the vault as before, not letting any light pierce its veil of shadow. When the darkness lifted the amalgamation was gone, and everything seemed once again to be untouched. Given that, the senators went for a debriefing in the Senate chamber, which is where the real consequences of the night were revealed. In the middle of the debriefing, Minister Demes received word from the Guard performing a sweep of the Vault that several items in the room that the senators were trapped for a few moments had been replaced with fakes, and an item stored in secret was removed as well: an experimental plague that was retrieved during the Northrend Campaign. Who stole it, how, and why?

12/9/2017 - Prison Break

Following the disappearance of Minister Demes and his unusual disconnection from the Senate ring network, Interior agents responsible for ensuring his safety managed to trace his location to the classified Department of Magical Defense facility, the Labyrinth. With a secret report provided to the Chancellor from one of these agents, Chancellor Brisby led a team to locate and bring home the missing Minister. Upon arriving at the facility, the team quickly discovered that the Labyrinth had seen some kind of assault, with no agents or guards in sight. Entering a seemingly long hallway, those who went ahead found themselves suddenly behind the others, which they realized was the result of the hallway forming an endless loop. Only by discovering the hidden panels beneath the stone walls could they morph the hallway with the Chancellor’s credentials, giving them access to other parts of the facility. With the Labyrinth in a mild state of disrepair following the apparent assault, some of the holding cells were unlocked, causing some of the most notorious and psychotic prisoners that the Kirin Tor wouldn’t trust to keep in the Violet Hold to escape. Facing off against a mad shadow priest who revels in the sounds of tormented screams, to an old lady who specializes in tormenting her victims through the creation of voodoo dolls, the Senators fought their way through the dizzying facility to find the Minister. Eventually, after morphing the hallway to the correct part of the facility, they came upon Minister Demes, who was found bound and gagged in heavy anti-magic gear, and hanging upside down from the ceiling. With the Senators having saved the Minister, it only led to more questions than answers. Who or what replaced him, are there more? How did it or them access such secret information? And with the faux Demes so realistic, one needs to ask themselves: who can you trust?