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(Nov 11, 2016)
Raven-Bears. Never Forget.
(Nov 06, 2016)
(Nov 06, 2016)
(Oct 23, 2016)
Hoot. Hoot.
(Oct 12, 2016)
Woo! :D
(Sep 26, 2016)
Two months until I'll be back. Try not to kill the entire Legion without me!
(Sep 12, 2016)
You were NOT prepared...for the feels train some areas brought in Legion
(Aug 26, 2016)
The Launch of Legion is coming so soon! Everyone be prepared!
(Aug 07, 2016)
Looking for ambassadors! See Elberich if you are interested!
(Aug 02, 2016)
Three writing prompts up.
(Jul 31, 2016)
Attention citizens. IF you see something report something. Demons want to see our glorious city fall. So
(Jul 30, 2016)
Demon hunters are coming with them, woot
(Jul 30, 2016)
So the Legion is attacking soon
(Jun 27, 2016)
(May 08, 2016)
Winner! Last week was hard! They were all lovely! But Calyrien! Claim your prize!
(May 02, 2016)
Beautiful* tired.
(May 02, 2016)
Writing Prompt: Create Something beutiful
(Apr 25, 2016)
New Writing Prompt! You've been made Chancellor! What do you do? (IC)
(Apr 17, 2016)
Yes, new writing promt: Have your character invent a quality of life improvement!