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(Sep 21, 2015)
This is simultaenously the cutest and most br00tal thing I've ever seen. \m/
(Sep 21, 2015)
Drossy this gave me so much YASSSS When I watched this last week!
(Sep 21, 2015)
=D Hello allied friends! Please feel free to attend our event tonight at 9:30 Server! Whisper Sunnir!
(Sep 21, 2015) Hocus Pocus Spelltacular!
(Sep 15, 2015)
So the set is complete. Which means...the time has come!
(Sep 07, 2015)
No sweat mate
(Sep 06, 2015)
Sorry I've been so inactive guys. Work hates me and literally won't give me any time.
(Sep 01, 2015)
I don't think I'm going to be at the next couple of events, just a head's up.
(Aug 29, 2015)
Infernal Mystery finale is being held on Tuesday! Don't be late!
(Aug 22, 2015)
Okay, May!
(Aug 21, 2015)
Hey dudes, my island's fiber-optics cabel was totally wrecked by road construction on the main-land, so I'm going to MIA for awhile.
(Aug 16, 2015)
My Game Time ran out and I'm ion my a few days away from moving back to the dorms - I'll see everyone in a week or two.
(Aug 15, 2015)
Hey everyone, I'm back! Sorry I wasn't able to keep in touch, there wasn't any internet there as I thought there'd be.
(Aug 12, 2015)
I apologize for the inconvenience.
(Aug 12, 2015)
I was going off real world scale, which is why the number was initially so high. Since WoW is on a different scale, I had to alter when I learned the real scale.
(Aug 12, 2015)
For those who's RP it affects, Widow's Rise casualties recalculated at 3200 rather than 7200.
(Aug 08, 2015)
I am cleaning up a few journal entries so somethings make a bit more sense. Erfaun hardly looks at past journal entries from April 16th onward
(Aug 05, 2015)
You know what this means right? Now the empire is going to put you down, and restore the peace.
(Aug 05, 2015)
Cam (Meren) Pastell, Nalen (Erfaun) And Delca WE HAVE TAKEN OVER DA VENT!
(Aug 03, 2015)
I gotta get Feng interviewed and directed to the Warmages soon. I mean, on a day I'm not at work, obviously. :3