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Main Character: Oakworth (Was previously an alt, this is my actual main, the alt was Vannorell Redoak, now deleted)
New Character: Shianine
New Character's Race: Dwarf
New Character's Fears, Disabilities, Injuries, Mental Illnesses: Not very bright
Character's History:

Shianine, was born to a human mother, after a one-night stand with a dwarven soldier, and has grown up, an oddity, in Stormwind. Her mother gave her the last name she -thought- her father might have, at least through the haze of bad decisions and alcohol.

Shia, having no real ambition and no hope of fitting in in human or dwarven lands, joined the army for a tour of duty in Pandaria, and then hired on as a contracted security guard, guarding people and places around Stormwind. It probably helps she's not super bright.

She is very practiced at standing in one place for a long, long period of time. She doesn't really want to brawl, or fight, because it's too much effort.

Not one for drinking much, or a partier, she prefers rock collecting as a hobby.

Do they take Orders? Yes/No Yes
Is this a temp character that may die as part of your storyline of your main? No

Name: Shianine Broadshield
Age: 33
Race: Half-Dwarf
Current Home: Stormwind
Family: Her nagging mother
Standing with the Kirin Tor: None
Why are you applying:

I want steady work, I'm very good at guarding. I'm tired of contract work, and want a steady gig.

Do you practice Dark Magic? No

Are you able to answer the call of War if you should be required? If no, please explain. Yes

Please tell us anything that you deem secret knowledge that we may want to know. If you are a dragon, that is something we want to know.
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I'm back from the dead!! A.K.A. taking a break from WOW for a bit :) I talked to Vandicus and he said I could put my new application in here because I can't seem to make a new regular application.

Main Character: Eylzara
New Character: Elyzara
New Character's Race: Human
New Character's Fears, Disabilities, Injuries, Mental Illnesses: None!
Character's History: Born in the midst of the Second War, Elyzara Halstead came into the world kicking and screaming– like she knew she was about to be abandoned. At the ripe age of 2 days old, her mother had secretly taken her in the middle of the night and placed her in front of the Stormwind Orphanage. Following the abandonment, her mother fled to an unknown location (Most likely Ironforge or Westfall). The father, a terrible drunkard, viewed the situation as beneficial as he could then chase after women with a less guilty conscious. Elyzara lived in the orphanage her entire life, until a few days after her 16th birthday, when she was permitted to freely practice magic after being let go by the Orphanage. Her childhood wasn’t anything spectacular or marvelous, but bland and quite saddening.
Until she was 4, Elyzara never cared to exchange any words with the other orphans, and refused to talk to any matron other than Miss Nightingale. She spent most of her time playing with toys by herself outside in front of Stormwind Cathedral, or on the top bunk of her and a young boy named Aaron’s bunk beds. Elyza made up the surname, Halstead, when she observed that everyone else in the orphanage was getting adopted and receiving wonderful families and lives. With an actual surname, she could imagine that she was in a lovely family with a caring mother, a hard-working father, and numerous siblings varying in age. It saddened her as she started to record how many children were being adopted before her. At the, still quite young, age of 9 she had gotten all the way up to 79. 79 children had been coming through those sad doors, and leaving with a happy family days or weeks after. Wars were happening, families were losing children and children were losing families, but no one wanted Elyza like they wanted the other kids.
Elyzara’s 12th birthday came and passed, and one day soon after she was walking around the Mage’s District. Near a pile of crates was a small book of spells, which she picked up and walked straight to the bottom of the Mage’s Tower. At the bottom of the spiral heading towards the top stood an Archmage, who Elyzara proceeded to ask if it was anyone’s that he knew of. He flipped through the book but couldn’t find any name. With that, he gave Elyza permission to take the book and a few tips on practicing some spells, specifically that she shouldn’t be saddened if she can’t cast any of the spells as not everyone has the ability to cast spells. It took her a few days, but one of the first spells in the book was conjuring a small flame from one’s hand. All that Elyza could do at the beginning was make a flame shoot from her finger for a maximum of 12 seconds. With time and practice, and I mean -a lot- of time and practice, Elyza could finally conjure an entire flame erupting from her palm.
Practicing basic spells and studying other more complex spells and rituals took up most of Elyzara’s time. Around her 15th birthday, Elyza was practicing some spells in the upstairs of the orphanage while she thought she was alone, but she wasn’t. Things went wrong, and it resulted in a very nasty scar around the left ear of a young orphan girl, who was no deaf in her left ear. Elyzara almost rid herself of practicing magic completely, but while caring for the girl for countless weeks she remembers the girl saying how astonishing the flames and the ice looked in the air almost dancing. Elyza made a vow to protect others with magic, not harm them, and to try to advance her talents so she could maybe help the world more than she could by working in a small store somewhere in the Alliance Kingdoms.

Do they take Orders? Yes!
Is this a temp character that may die as part of your storyline of your main? Nope!

Name: My name is Elyzara Halstead.
Age: I stand at the age of 17 currently, turning 18 rather soon.
Race: I am a Human.
Birthplace: It isn't completely clear to me where I was born, but I was raised in Stormwind Orphanage.
Current Home: I currently am living in a small apartment in Dalaran. It's not much but it's home!
Family: My family is unknown to me, I was left at the orphanage almost immediately after birth.
Standing with the Kirin Tor: Good! I work in the Infirmary currently as a nurse. Plus, I volunteer at the libraries sometimes just cleaning up and doing clerical work.
Why are you applying: Living in Dalaran for the past year has been a road of ups and down. I feel an amazing connection to Dalaran and the people that live in it as well, and I would gladly lay down my life to defend it. As it would be, apparently the world will always need more defense. Mages have been fascinating to me since birth as I would lay in the Mages Quarter throughout my entire life. Now that I can proudly say I can perform some basic spells, I would like to propose my life to studies and reclamation of knowledge.
Do you practice Dark Magic? Nope!
Are you able to answer the call of War if you should be required? If no, please explain. Yes, I can.
Please tell us anything that you deem secret knowledge that we may want to know. If you are a dragon, that is something we want to know. : sadly, I am not a dragon. I'm an open book.
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Main Character: Kyandra

New Character: Arthanin

New Character's Race: Quel'dorei

New Character's Fears, Disabilities, Injuries, Mental Illnesses:
Wears an eyepatch over his right eye from a grievous injury he took during a battle.
His greatest fear is losing that which he cares for the most; his daughter and the city

Character's History:
He was a natural study to magic, as most Quel'dorei are. He chose to reject 'the gift', not wanting to tarnish the good he had done and learned by accepting an evil to save his addiction. He's seen the original fall of Dalaran at the hands of Archimonde, and partook in many of the more early battles that the city has faced. At somepoint, he found and adopted a young girl that had been roaming the streets and raised her as his own. What is unknown is what happened to cause the injury to his right eye, though the scarring can hint to some degree.

Do they take Orders? Yes/No: Yes

Is this a temp character that may die as part of your storyline of your main?: No

Name: Arthanin Silveredge

Age: Adult

Race: Quel'dorei

Birthplace: Quel'thalas

Current Home: Dalaran

Family: None of bloodline are alive. One adopted daughter.

Standing with the Kirin Tor: No issues to my knowledge

Why are you applying: There are those I wish to protect. What I simply do now, I feel is not enough. I wish to correct this mistake.

Do you practice Dark Magic?: No, but am aware of what it can do and how it appears

Are you able to answer the call of War if you should be required? If no, please explain.
If the call is made, I will answer it.

Please tell us anything that you deem secret knowledge that we may want to know. If you are a dragon, that is something we want to know.
Nothing comes to mind.