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The Acts of Senate Structure page is a reasorce for all members to use as a guide to how Acts are written and structured. This page outlines all the terminology and he general way for people to structure bills that will be read before the floor. Legislation can be very complex and that is why this guide will be simplified for our purpose in the Senate.

First of all let's lets look at the key components involved in writing a bill. Bills must possesses a few key items as explained below:
-The Crest of the Magocracy of Dalaran
-A Short Title: the name of an act. (IE: Forbidden Magics Act)
-Official date and bill number: the year in the bill was introduced and the order in which it was introduced in. (IE: 36 L.C. Chapter 1)
-Long Title
-Preamble (if there is one)
-Main Body
-Enactment clause (when the bill goes into effect if passed)

When writing an Act that will eventually be presented before the Senate floor be sure to use the outline below:


(Short Title)

36 L.C. Chapter #
(Official Citation)

An act to....
(Long Title)

Be it enacted by the Magus Senate of Dalaran by and with the advice and consent of the Representatives and Senators in this present Senate assembled and by the authority of the same as follows:—
(Enacting formula)

Provides a description or purpose of the act that is more descriptive than the long title.

S1. Sections - Heading giving a summary of a section.
(1) Subsection
(a) Paragraph
(i) Subparagraph
(Main Body)

S#. This Act shall go into effect immediately after passage.
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