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(If you have interest or any questions regarding the Ministries, contact any Minister and they will lead you in the right direction!)

Organizational Chart

The Chancellory
Chancellor: Hellissa
The Chancellor of the Magus Senate of Dalaran is the leader of the mage body within the City-State of Dalaran. The office of the Chancellor directly oversees the Chancellory that works to ensure both the Senate body and the Cabinet are able to effectively carry out their duties.

Ministry of Academics
Minister: Fuerel
The Ministry of Academics is charged with the education of the mages of Dalaran and the gathering of artifacts and education. Its team of learned teachers provides world class education in a variety of fields for anyone who wishes to learn. Are you interested in being a student or teacher? Contact the Minister today!

Ministry of the Interior
Minister: Salazar
The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for policing and security in the City of Dalaran and its territories, disaster management and prevention, the investigation and enforcement of Dalaran’s laws, as well as maintaining the Violet Hold.

Ministry of War
Minister: Vanidicus
The Ministry of War is responsible for the military actions undertaken by the Senate. The ministry is also responsible for the planning and execution of field expeditions, deployments, and observations while acting as a front-line defense for other magi in the field.
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