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To the Magus Senate,

As word has trickled in, Chancellor Zanbor Emerson has officially retired for health reasons. At this time, we would call our attention to him, sending him warm wishes of health and a happy retirement. We thank him from the bottoms of our hearts for all his years of service to the Magus Senate, to the Kirin Tor, and to the Army of Stormwind before that. Chancellor Emerson has been with the Magus Senate since near the beginning, forging a path of his own that is remarkable. Before Chancellor Emerson's approach to the Senate, it was a wild time. There was no paperwork keeping everything detailed, there was no votes for the public, everything was handled from the top down. Chancellor Emerson has given us a backbone, the spine of our book in which to store the pages. He may have not written the beginning, nor will he write the end, but he gave us something to look back through. He changed the Senate for the better, and we can only hope to continue his legacy.

As we move forward, the Ministers have made their voices clear and in unison. That we will continue as a core, with a new leader. And I am honored to be the voice that is to come after Chancellor Emerson. With every new leader, a body such as ours can expect changes to come. New ideas that come to fruition, a way for us all to continue with a steady stream of progress. We change with every new research project, teaching us the mysteries of the world around us, of magic. We change with every fallen soldier, learning how to achieve victory, and too, how to mourn those we leave behind. We change, we grow, and we learn. Moving with Chancellor Emerson's idea of a more open and approachable leadership, we will restore the title of Liaison. The Liaison is an important friend within the Senate, someone who listens to the quiet voices and the loud. To speak directly to each of us, to make certain even the shy students are heard. This is a Senate for each of us, and your voice and opinions are how we make this Senate, our jobs- into a home. A place of comfort. A place of friendship and ties, of brotherhood and bonds that we carry onto the battle field, into research, into study.

May the Magus Senate of Dalaran be eternal, through each of our living story. Thank you Chancellor Emerson for giving us the means to record our history. We'll make you proud by filling in the pages.

Chancellor Hellissa Brisby-Pyrestaff
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