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Intelligence agents and high-ranking officials are likely targets for spells and abilities designed to infiltrate or subjugate the mind. Subtle mental attacks may go entirely unnoticed until it is too late. The enchantment ward Castle of the Mind falls into the schools of Enchantment, Abjuration, and Divination and requires at-least novice skill in all three.

The enchantment requires an ocular crystal (found in the eyes of basilisks), apexis crystal, purified elemental water, and one full hour of undisturbed casting on an individual to be permanent (up to a year) and at full strength. Temporary enchantments can be battlecast with far less potency.

Once cast, Castle of the Mind acts as wall and watcher, making the affected mind immediately aware of illusions and mental attacks which target them directly. For instance, it will alert the user to the use of charms or mind-reading, though will not alert them to the presence of an illusion. Additionally, the enchantment will actively interfere with mental attacks and will continuously dispel illusion effects while attempting to locate the source of the spell.

If the source of mental attacks is located, the attacker(s) will appear as if surrounded by a dark red aura which will linger in their footsteps and on objects they touch briefly.

The spell can be cast so that in the event an attack is too overwhelming, the mind of the affected will be completely sealed away, all effort on defending vital information. However, this places the afflicted in a temporary coma which can last up to three days. The decision whether-or-not to include this effect must be made during casting and was designed for areas with a high risk of capture.
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