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Among the ornate spires and enchanted streets of Dalaran lies the towering Violet Hold- the Kirin Tor's prison. Within, the city keeps criminals and forces of evil alike behind arcane barriers, each catagorized into three different levels of security. It is arguably the most secure prison on Azeroth, being well-defended by might and magic alike.

Levels of the Violet Hold

Level 1: Low Security - Prisoners may have access to general amenities such as a common area, news services, and communication with the outside through secure monitored links.
  • Contains: Drunks, brawlers, nuisances, etc. Generally non-threats
  • Release: High Magus and above.

Level 2: Medium Security - Prisoners have some access to general amenities, such as outside news services, but have supervised visits that must be approved by the Warden or Minister.
  • Contains: Various criminals of a more severe nature; a threat to persons and the city.
  • Release: Minister and above.

Level 3: High Security - Prisoners have no access to amenities whatsoever and are not allowed any form of communication with the outside world except for those of an attorney, under heavy guard. These prisoners are kept in a pocket dimension accessible only by the Minister of the Interior and the Chancellor.
  • Contains: Extremely dangerous entities and individuals that are threats to the city and/or world.
  • Release: Two Ministers, one of which must be the Minister of the Interior, as well as the Chancellor.

Archmage of the Kirin Tor
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