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Dark Hunter Program

When the Kirin Tor could send no one else, it sent in you. For you are the elite, you are the bold, and with magic and might combined, there is no one that can stand a chance.

What is a Dark Hunter? They are the individuals that are sent to apprehend or eliminate rogue or dark magic users by any means necessary. As such, they are skilled in both might and magic alike, being able to survive in the least hospitable environments while being able to carry out their mission.


  • Demonstrate high-level proficiency in Evocation and Abjuration.
  • Demonstrate at least adept-level proficiency in Illusion, Divination and Transmutation.
  • Specialization in countering at least one form of magic listed under the Forbidden Magics Act.
  • Proficiency in at least one form of non-magical combat, including but not limited to hand-to-hand, swords, guns, etc.
  • Undergo an intensive final test that unifies all the required skills and demonstrates your qualifications as a Dark Hunter.

Note: If you do not meet the proficiency requirements above, you may still inquire and begin preparations for the tests with either the Ministry of War and/or Academics, as necessary.

Please see Minister Salazar Demes for more information.

Archmage of the Kirin Tor
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