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The night air was cool in Dalaran today. There was a gentle breeze that caressed the buildings and the people inside the city. Many were starting to retire to their homes so they could rest and be with their family. Some shops were still open though, since many adventurers came in and out buying and selling various items that would surely help in stopping the legion from destroying the world. Yet there was a rather unusual sight as the night grew more late.

A small five year old Highborne was merrily walking around the city, taking in the different sights of the city. While it wasn’t unusual for children to be in the city, it was unusual in this case because the first reason was that you never saw many elven children in the city. The second reason was that the girl was not actually a child…more she had been turned into one. Little Kyandra was quite the sight to see, considering most knew her in her adult years. Instead of the tall 320 year old Highborne woman, many instead laid eyes upon a little 5 year old girl with short, very light, violet hair that just reached her shoulders. Her eyes still held the familiar snow-white glow to them, so those that knew her really well could quickly identify who this was. Her attire was different as well. Instead of the violet armor that she wore with her ancient Highborne blade, she instead wore very simple attire. A dark purple shirt that sleeved at the elbows, black pants with blue runes on them, and light brown shoes.

It was strange to be a kid again, she realizes, as she walked around the city. Everything was still the same as she knew it, and yet…it was completely different. After she had left the lounge, due to Mab’s cooking class being done, she had decided to walk around the city before she returned to Andeven’s home in…actually, she had no idea where his house was. They had just teleported there. Made sense, she supposed…he was a lot more quiet then the other ‘adult’ senators and a lot more serious then he let off. Always had a thought to him that he never exactly let others know about. Though this was the case, he had allowed her to stay at his place until they could figure out how to get the senators back to their original state. She would have to thank him when she was her actual age.

Reaching into her tiny satchel, she pulls out a small rainbow sprinkled cookie and bites into it. She had eaten 3 of her cookies already, but they were too good. She knew that eating too many could make her sick, and believed Duncan when he told her that it would take less cookies to make her sick rather then if she was an adult. Her little elven ears lower a little as the thought crosses her. It was fun being small…yet so restricting.

She found that she couldn’t focus as much as she liked and got easily bored. She did find that she used magic A LOT more to move around. Normally, she just blinked to cross rooms quickly and that was it. Now, she used it all the time when she was bored. Yet in her 5-year old mind, it was fun and it didn’t tire her, for some reason, despite the strong use of magic. Speaking of magic, she also noticed that she didn’t have as much control over it compared to her adult size. She found that most of her offensive casting was mostly because of how she felt when she casted it. Being angered caused her fire magic to go off, which she had shown at a sprite that was in the lounge the other day.

She didn’t hurt anyone, thankfully, though she frightened the sprite and Rasitlinn, who was also small. Though she, yet again, showed a display of ‘emotional’ magic when the sprite had pelted her with some fruit. She had thrown her hands up to her face to block the assault, yet she had unknowingly charged ice magic to her palms and launched that at the sprite to. This scared the sprite slightly, but then it had pelted her with a plum, which had splattered all over her face. She had run from the lounge by then, her five-year old mind unable to take anymore of the assault. She had then hidden in a bush near the statue of Antonidas, but she had also, unknowingly, formed ice on the leaves of the bush, as if it was a small shield for her. Yet it had vanished as quickly as it came when she was found a few minutes later.

Pushing the thought away for now and finishing her cookie, she walks up to the small flower cart that was by the Violet Hold, and the vendor there, Aerith, looks down at little Kyandra with a light smile, “Ah. Hello Kyandra. I hope you’re doing alright.” Kyandra liked Aerith, she was always nice, and she understood what had happened with the senators.

Kyandra gives a little nod to Aerith as she speaks, “Mhm. I’m looking around the city.” Aerith tilts her head curiously at this, “Oh? And are you enjoying the sights?” She asks in an inquisitive tone. Kyandra looks around slightly as she answers, “It’s weird. I know the city like the back of my hand. But…” Aerith gives a light nod, “I understand. It seems different, given your current size.” Kyandra looks at her fully and nods, “Yeah!”

Aerith then gestures to the various flowers on her cart, the magic of them making them look like they had just been picked, even though she had some flowers for a lot longer, “Would you like to look at the flowers?” Kyandra nods brightly at this and approaches the cart. There were all kinds of flowers on the cart. Roses, tulips, chrysanthemums, marigolds and a bunch of others that she couldn’t quite place. Aerith smiles lightly as Kyandra smells some roses and a smile forms to her expression.

Kyandra speaks open-mindly as she looks at the flowers, “I made cookies today.” Aerith raises a light brow at this, smiling lightly, “Oh? What kind did you make?” She reaches into her satchel and pulls out one of her cookies to show her, “Chocolate chip…but I put sprinkles on it.” A light giggle escapes her, “Ah. Are they good?” Kyandra nods at this, “Mhm…I’ve had 4 already.” Aerith giggles again, “Make sure you don’t eat too many. You could get a tummy-ache.” Kyandra smells a different flower before responding, “I know…” Her tone was a little more rebellious then she would’ve liked, but she couldn’t take it back. Her ears lower slightly at the tone she used, but Aerith speaks, “It’s okay, Kyandra.” Her ears perk up slightly after that.

Aerith looks to her cart of flowers after a few minutes and browses for something, “Hm. I have an idea. I just need to…” Her voice trails as she looks on the different shelves of the cart. Kyandra looks at her with a confused gaze, placing the cookie back into her tiny satchel and she walks up to Aerith. Aerith’s expression brightens as she finds what she’s looking for and reaches to get it, “Close your eyes, Kyandra. And no peeking…” Kyandra liked surprises, so she does and uses her palm to fully cover her eyes. She feels that Aerith is tucking her hair behind her little elven ear and placing something between her head and ear.

She starts to fidget, curious to what was being placed there, “Can I look yet, Aerith?” She remains quiet for a moment, then her hand moves, “Yup. You can look now.” Kyandra moves her hands and opens her eyes and Aerith gets a small mirror to show what she had done. Between Kyandra’s ear and her head, Aerith had placed a dark, purple lily. She gets a thoughtful expression, “Oooo…this flower is pretty.” Aerith smiles lightly at her, “It’s a rare type of lily…it was more common a couple years ago.” Kyandra gently moves a strand of hair off her face and beams brightly, “Thank you.” A gentle pat to her head is the response Aerith gives her, “You’re very welcome Kyandra.”

Kyandra looks at the cart again and after a couple seconds, she points to a blue flower a curious gaze on her expression, “What kind of flower is that one?” Aerith looks at the gestured flower and gently takes a hold of it, “Ah. That’s an Azure Snapdragon. It has a special talent. Watch this.” She gently squeezes the side and the flower’s petals appear to open and close, like a dragon’s mouth. Kyandra tilts her head curiously at this, a look of wonder forming on her face, “Oooo…that’s cool!!” She reaches into her tiny satchel to pull out a coin purse.

She takes out 3 silver coins and holds them out for Aerith. Aerith takes two of the coins, but gently pushes her hand back to let her keep the last one, “The lily is a gift for you.” She then gently hands Kyandra the Azure Snapdragon, which she very carefully holds, “Thank you, Aerith.” Aerith smiles brightly, “You’re welcome…” Aerith gazes upward for a moment then back at Kyandra, “You should get going. It’s getting late.” Her ears lower a little, but she nods, “Oh…okay. Bye-bye.” Kyandra then walks off with her two flowers, going to the statue of Antonidas to wait patiently for her guardian to return.
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