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The Dalaran Intelligence Service, otherwise known as Dalaran Intelligence Section 6 (DI6), is the foreign intelligence agency of the Dalaran government. The Director of DI6 reports to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Intelligence Committee. The Dalaran Intelligence Service is only allowed to operate outside of Dalaran, and in conjunction with the Department of Magical Defense, which operates domestically, and the Reconnaissance and Intelligence Bureau which gathers intelligence for military use forms the Dalaran intelligence apparatus.

DI6's main task is the gathering of intelligence abroad in order to keep Dalaran safe and secure from any external threats. Furthermore, it assists with keeping Dalaranian diplomats and ambassadors safe when assigned to foreign posts. Many of the agents within the Service came from the original Violet Eye founded to spy on the Guardian Medivh; however, after numerous attempts to reign in the Senate's section of the Violet Eye, it was disbanded and split into the three aforementioned sections that exist today.

Other Information:

Minister Responsible:
  • Elberich Haltring, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Agency Executive:
  • Alastair Walker (NPC), Director of DIS
  • Foreign Affairs Building, Dalaran City
  • Foreign Intelligence
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