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Mission Report
March 19, 38 LC.
Aurthur Ashcroft, Cpt (N)
Sent to: The Minister of War, and the Cabinet of the Magus Senate

A Task Unit commanded by myself, Captain Ashcroft of the Dalaranian Navy, engaged in a defensive strike against the enemy Southsea Pirate fleet, commanded by a previously unknown figure now identified as Admiral Felbraid. After interrogating a number of prisoner sailors, it was revealed to the crew aboard the DMS Nethergarde's Revenge that the Admiral was an Orc from the Iron Horde of Draenor. Admiral Felbraid was sent by the Legion to muster up a naval armada to fight the forces present on Azeroth and to disrupt their efforts repelling the Legion's main invasion force.

In order to do so, the Admiral took over what was left of the Southsea Pirates after the death of their original leader Andre Firebeard. He and his subordinates built up the pirate fleet by promising various mercenaries, criminals, and pirates of Azeroth immense wealth and power if they were successful in destroying shipping routes and bases of the global powers, but specifically by focusing on Dalaran. During this build-up, it seems that Admiral Felbraid was able to acquire a large Fel-cannon, which was subsequently mounted on his Airship.

Luckily before the Fel-cannon was able to be used to destroy the Dalaran Forces Base Howling Fjords, a Battlemage contingent led by Mage-Commander Alexander was able to sink a number of enemy vessels, capture the Airship, and Admiral Felbraid himself. However, the DMS Nethergarde's Revenge was at risk of being boarded and overtaken, and it was decided that the Battlemages would once again reboard the ship, carve a path through the Pirate Fleet and escape before the Fel-cannon would be used to destroy the enemy. As of this moment, the Admiral is in military custody at the Violet Hold awaiting trial for war crimes and piracy, the Pirate Fleet is destroyed, and any survivors will be arrested and jailed pending trials.

As for the Dalaran Task Unit, it was returned to the Dalaran Forces Base Howling Fjord with the DMS Nethergarde's Revenge receiving the most damage during the assault. All vessels will be quickly repaired and redeployed to the Broken Isles. As for the Airship, it was commandeered by Dalaran's Navy and is now scheduled to be repurposed. The Fel-cannon, however, will be removed from the Airship, studied, and destroyed.

It is in my opinion that the Southsea Pirate threat has been neutralized with the complete destruction of their fleet, and the capture of Admiral Felbraid. Further precautions will be taken to make sure any remnants of the Pirate threat will be snuffed out, and Dalaran's Bases will have their defenses bolstered with the funding granted to the Ministry of War by the Senate body.

CPT Ashcroft
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