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CLASSIFIED: Chancellor and Ministry of the Interior

Undisclosed to the public, Neverland is a place where the Department of Magical Defense keeps its most dangerous prisoners, off the grid far away from Dalaran. In fact, Neverland is not a single place, but a network of Ministry black sites spread across Azeroth where the D.M.D. detains and interrogates highly dangerous magical users who are perceived as an active threat to the world. All black sites are equipped with cells that have memory erasure runes, allowing for quick and effective wipes of detainees’ memories with minimal security risk. All black sites also have no reference to the Kirin Tor, and its employees do not wear identification of any kind.


The Labyrinth [Active]
Location: Alterac Valley

Beneath the ruins of an abandoned barracks in Alterac Valley lies the “Labyrinth,” a prison designed for containment and information extraction. Equipped with an in-house alchemical laboratory and resident mages, it’s focus is on retrieving information from its detainees by any means necessary. The Labyrinth is also designed such that individuals not attuned to it would find that the halls seem to go on forever, with each turn around the corner to lead to a different hallway, seemingly with no exit.

Eden [Active]
Location: Feralas

Beneath the Ruins of Isildien lies what is simply known as Eden. This facility specializes in ‘rehabilitating’ its prisoners, wiping their memories completely clean and replacing them with different, fictional memories, thereby eliminating the threat without having to kill them. With new memories, Eden magi then rehabilitate and retrain its prisoners who are then released without a semblance of their formal life. In furtherance of that goal, the rehabilitated individual would also undergo magical cosmetic reconstruction, providing them with a new face and new genetic identifiers.

Archmage of the Kirin Tor
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