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Classification: Chancellor, Committee on Intelligence

Project TEMPEST refers to the development of scrying tools focused on information gathering of external systems through leaked emanations, including unintentional aural signals, sounds, and vibrations.

Theory: By using analyses of known aural signatures, sounds, and vibrations of existing systems and correlating those patterns to specific functions, it is possible to reveal the operation of foreign magical and technological systems from a distance based only on these signatures, without physical or magical intrusion of the system. By utilizing known technical knowledge of the system, and analyzing unintentional emanations, one can aggregate that intel to reveal information as processed by said system. This tool would be used as a script and used in conjunction with the Darksight Protocol to analyze external factors when scrying of the system is otherwise prevented through some sort of shielding.

Created in response to the challenge provided by the Legion’s ships, Project TEMPEST would allow the Department of Magical Defense to provide information regarding the ships’ navigations, operations, and other inner workings based solely upon unintentionally leaked data which is inevitable with systems of that size. However, this would require technical knowledge of a Legion ship, which would have to be ascertained prior to the analysis of more Legion ships with TEMPEST.

Dalaran Minister of the Interior
Archmage of the Kirin Tor
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