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Dome of the Infinite [COMPLETE]
Type: Stellar Observatory

Location: Top level of a formerly demolished spire located in western Dalaran.
Diameter: 70 Yards

Built by the Department of Magical Defense, the newly constructed stellar observatory is the culmination of Shal’dorei temporal magic and traditional astronomancy, utilizing scripts retrieved from the Nighthold. Meant to build upon the stellar observatory of Star Augur Etraeus and it’s feats in seeing deep into the Great Dark Beyond, the stellar observatory is designed to provide the Kirin Tor with the ability to further study the observations made by the late Star Augur.

The stellar observatory functions in a similar fashion to the one in the Nighthold, except there is a central control nethercrystal positioned in the center of the deck, which allows the user to set the distance of viewing, as well as opening and closing the panels. Note, it is heavily suggested that panels be closed between shifting observations, as it may cause nausea.

This observatory also has a number of modifications to better suit the Kirin Tor, including but not limited to the ability to record observations onto holocrystals, and the ability to see deep space in virtually real-time, as opposed to observing light that reaches Azeroth many years down.

As a testament to its viewing capabilities, it has been formally named the Dome of the Infinite.

Tours available upon request when not in use by the Department of Magical Defense.

Dalaran Minister of the Interior
Archmage of the Kirin Tor
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