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Dalaran Emergency Management Agency
Disaster Report

Re: Legion Assault on Dalaran, April 9th, 38 L.C.

Street Level:

  • Pavement between the Eventide and Violet Gate has been ripped out of the ground and largely destroyed when the Legion used it to construct infernals during the Assault.
  • Numerous buildings have sustained small-to-medium damage, including the Visitor’s Center, Foreign Ministry, and a collapsed entrance to the sewers by the Violet Gate.
  • Magical Menagerie has sustained heavy fire damage on account of infernals landing in the area. Surviving creatures have been relocated to the Violet Citadel.
  • Commerce Exchange has suffered some fire damage, specifically to the Apothecary and Legendary Leathers.

Buildings affected by the Assault have been sealed off pending purification of fel energy and reconstruction. These Disaster Zones are strictly off limits and no one should attempt to enter. Trespassers will be charged.

The Violet Hold has, again, suffered as a result of an internal breach due to the Legion’s direct assault, involving the deaths of most prisoners in Level 1, as well as the break-out of a Doom Guard, two Eredar, and a Shivarra from Level 2. The prison has been secured using backup shields, specifically the remains of Levels 1 and 2. The warden pillars outside the prison have also been activated at full power, providing extra security should anyone or anything else attempt to escape. A chronostasis barrier has also been activated in cell blocks D, J, and Q.

The Underbelly has suffered serious infrastructural damage, including a hole punched straight through from the street level over the Circle of Wills. The Underbelly has also been designated a Disaster Zone, and is strictly off limits until rebuilt.

Summary of Disaster Zones:

  • Area between Eventide and Violet Gate
  • Visitor’s Center, Foreign Ministry, Agronomical Apothecary, Magical Menagerie, and Legendary Leathers.
  • Violet Hold entrance and bridge.
  • 20-yard pothole as a result of a Voidship blast directly outside the Greyfang Enclave.

Casualties: 46
Damage Assessment: ~52,570 Gold
Repair Time: ~5 weeks

Dalaran Minister of the Interior
Archmage of the Kirin Tor
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