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File: ZTW0023
Universal Portal Disc (U.P.D.)
Device type: Magi-Tech portal creation device.
Power Source: Four arcane gems equidistant at the four points of the disc.


A metal ring 9 inches in diameter with coils of metal wires that wrap around to four points equidistant, where a yellow gem rests and is used for power. Suspended in the center of the disk is a portal rune with different markings to show which anchor point is tied to. (See File: ZTW0024 U.P.D.A.P. for more information)

When the rune is activated it draws the mana kept in the four gems and creates a portal that is maintained for roughly four minutes before collapsing. The device is single use and overloads after use, fusing and melting any components making it up.

Its purpose was to allow non mages or ones who may be faced with potential danger a way to escape without the need for a mage or portals if there is one available. This would also allow mages and others to be assigned to other tasks as it would eliminate the need if they were assigned for that purpose.

Larger devices are theoretically possible but would require larger gems or sources of power to trigger and maintain the portal but the end result would still be the same.

Update: Currently researching and testing to see if legion ships and constant portals are interfering with anchor points and portal stability, more testing required.
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