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Dalaran Information System for Communications and Operations Resource Directory

The Dalaran Information System for Communications and Operations Resource Directory (DISCORD) is the Magocracy of Dalaran’s enterprise network for providing data, voice, and holographic telecommunications services.

It is a City-wide encrypted network that allows for users to connect seamlessly to the datacrystal infrastructure both in Dalaran and abroad. The network itself is partitioned by security requirements in three tiers, along with any special compartments in which information may be placed to ensure data is accessed by only those with the proper rights. The DISN offers a selection of integrated services based on end-user needs, including the Magical Social Network, connection to Ministry holobracers, and any such other networked necessities of the Magocracy of Dalaran.

Security Tiers

Tier 1: The unclassified tier for everyone in the Magocracy of Dalaran offers an encrypted network for mass-use systems such as the Magical Social Network and direct voice and holo-conferencing.

Tier 2: The secret security tier of the DISN offers end-to-end voice, holographic, and data encryption for those ranked Deputy-Minister and above, as well as all applicable department heads (“Administration”)

Tier 3: The top secret security tier of the DISN offers end-to-end voice, holographic, and data encryption for the Chancellor and Ministers (“Council”). This network is separate from Tiers 1 and 2, providing an additional layer of protection from unwarranted intrusion.


The DISN is a centralized system with data-crystal servers located in an undisclosed location within the Violet Citadel, and the room is continuously guarded and monitored by the Ministry of the Interior via a closed-circuit holofeed. Utilizing a modified version of the Arcandome, the server room is warded against scrying, teleportation, telemancy, unwarranted physical access, magical interference (Arcane, Shadow, etc.), and heavy bombardment. Tier 3 data-crystals are located in a pocket dimension, the entrance to which may only be opened by a physically present Minister inside this facility, and requires 2-factor authentication (soul scan and blood sample.)

The communication network itself is established via a heavily modulated telemancy system that draws its power from the Twisting Nether, which allows for communication across space, especially where no leyline is available. The three tiers utilize separate layers of protection against unwarranted eavesdropping or other attack, but all three remain encrypted across all levels.

  • Tier 1 communications may be accessed by anyone via a Kirin Tor-approved node, which may include the Signet rings for the MSN, and standard-issue holobracers for publicly-available data, among others.
  • Tier 2 communications may be accessed by anyone via the same Kirin Tor-approved nodes as Tier 1, provided that such nodes have the additional tier activated by the appropriate authority. Compartmentalization of information begins at this tier, allowing for partitioned information dependent on Ministry requirements. Access to Tier 2 information requires that access nodes (such as the Signet rings and holobracers) utilize active 2-factor authentication of soul attunement and blood scan and have the permissions activated by the appropriate authority.
  • Tier 3 communications may be accessed by only those ranked Minister and above via the Signet ring or Senate-assigned holobracer, with the additional layer of security partitioning being hard-wired into these devices. Communications sent via Tier 3 are on a continuous rotating frequency that changes every 17 seconds, and must correlate with the central data-crystal servers. An authentication code that does not match the correct algorithm or rotating frequency will cause all Tier 3 communications to be summarily blocked, and a priority alert to be sent to the Interior Ministry. All Tier 3 signals are sent separately via the Twisting Nether, allowing for communication and access to data across time and space. Such signals are also layered in a protective magical ‘buffer,’ that protects against potential piggybacking on the signals themselves. Because all signals are end-to-end encrypted, any modification in the signal type would fail a check at the end-point, as the local key must not change. Furthermore, as an additional layer of security, certain compartmentalized information cannot be accessed remotely, and can only be accessed inside the Minister and Chancellor offices via a secure terminal.

Security Protocols

As all signals are encrypted across all three tiers, the Interior Ministry continuously monitors all such signals for any indication of an attempted breach, or any other anomalous readings. An attempt to breach the data-crystal room, or piggyback on a telecommunications signal immediately sends an alert to the Interior Ministry, which may shut down segments of the network to prevent a successful breach. Certain redundancies in place will automatically trigger a segmented shutdown, which may lead to a full-scale shutdown, if the system picks up a successful breach of Tier 2 or Tier 3 communications. An attempted breach will only issue an alert, but will not trigger an automated shutdown. Any attempt by an unauthorized party to use a certain access node will result in an automatic shutdown of that node and potentially initiate a self-destruct sequence if that node provides access to Tier 2 or Tier 3 communications. Unauthorized users of Tier 1 nodes will only result in the node being locked, and require bringing it to the Kirin Tor for a reset.

Violet Firewall

All data stored in crystals that connects to the central network is protected by a magitech network security system known as the “Violet Firewall.” In order to secure all data on such crystals, whether as part of the Grand Library, Ministry databases, or personal datacrystal storage, any such device that is approved and authenticated by the Interior Ministry and connects to the network shall have the firewall extended to them. The Violet Firewall protects against intrusions and continuously monitors the network for malicious activity, ensuring the security of the network and all data therein.

Dalaran Minister of the Interior
Archmage of the Kirin Tor
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