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Parental Backstory

(Janelle Note – Not sure on what all is factual, but willing to trust the scrying spell for now on everything. Might revise later since the spell only SHOWS me and doesn’t TELL me. So all following information is mostly based on observation)

Entry Note – Parents Meeting – Basic History

My Father, Arthur Dawson, was a pretty simple man early on in his life. He was born in the City of Dalaran and raised up surrounded by Magic of all kinds within the city itself. Imagine being able to witness wonders every day, and you’ll quickly start to see why he took the usual fascination with magic early on in his life. His parents (NOTE: My grandparents) being both mages of the Kirin Tor. His education was pretty much like any other Dalaranian child born to Mages. He studied first how to read, write, speak history, mathematics, and everything else you can imagine as soon as he was old enough to walk and talk. And then by the age of 8, he was inducted into beginning magic.

It was here that he excelled excellently at Magic (NOTE: A trait I’m trying to live up to), taking in his studies like a sponge takes to water. Eating up all sorts of information that he could absorb, quickly surpassing the studies for his age group, where he was bumped up to the next age group, only to quickly absorb all of the information in that age group, and so on and so on and so on.

However, it wasn’t until the middle of his teenage years that he started to develop the interest that would come to define his life’s work in the future. It was during one such study on the use and application of Mana outside of the body (since mana is derived as a source of energy used inwardly to force our actions outwardly) that he started to become obsessed with the use of Mana as an energy source. Thus, this took him towards the study of Leylines, where he started to study them and even attempt to tap into the Leyline itself that ran beneath Dalaran and empowered most of the powerful magic of the city itself. His first successful experiment producing a gusting wind that took weeks to quell in the library itself.

It was during this time during the destruction of the Library that he met a woman who he would eventually marry. Marianne Altmann was a woman from a minor Nobility house in Lordaeron, sending her to Dalaran to study the art of magic, figuring that she could use her magic to help the family in its endeavors in the city.

Quickly, she was taken away with his awkward Charm and wit and soon started a courtship with him that would take years for one another. While dating at their age, and in the middle of their academic studies, would make life harder for them both, since Dating while learning is frowned upon, they soon made it work, choosing to date one another on and off for several years. Each time spending their time off with one another before ending the relationship to focus on their studies, before getting back together again to resume their relationship again.

This continued on and off from about the time they were 16, till they graduated from their studies at the age of 24 where they ended up fully now committed to one another. Though the issue of marriage was far from both of their minds, given she was committed to her family’s name in Lordaeron and him to his studies, they continued to see one another often. Even chancing to live with one another.

But the power of the leylines never left my Fathers mind, and eventually, he convinced over time to involve my Mother into his research. Entrusting many of his developing theories about Mana manipulation with her, and even involving her with his own private experiments on the limited manipulation of the Leyline itself that was beneath Dalaran.

Eventually though, due in large part to his intelligence and skill with Magic, he was called upon to take his studies to the next level while in the Kirin Tor organization. At the age of 29, he entered the trials to be selected for Archmage training, to become a candidate to earn that title in the future.

(Janelle Note – Information pertains to study regarding parent’s research into Leylines)

Entry Note – Marriage, and Start of Research

After the Archmage Trials had been started, having selected my Father for further training, my Father returned soon to his own studies, knowing that becoming an Archmage would take years to master. His interest in the power of the Leylines and of the use of magical energy continuing to build almost to a level of obsession while he courted and wooed my Mother, who at the time was also making an attempt to study to become an Archmage as well.

While she would go on to not obtain it, she still took an interest in Leylines as well and agreed, while still dating my Father and allowing him to court her, to work with him on his research. Both of them choosing to take on different aspects of the research to combine it together. She, of course, also acting as an assistant to his needs for whenever he needed her. Be it secretarial, research assistant, or someone to force him to sleep early and remember that relaxation and rest were just as useful as diligence.

Eventually though, in the midst of their Research, my Father ended up winning out when it came to courting her successfully, having driven off any other potential suitors that might have taken an interest in her (NOTE: Seems there were a lot of now important figures that chased after her too). After he attained his Archmage title and was inducted into the full Kirin Tor organization, he asked my Mother to marry him.

And she agreed.

The ceremony was fairly frugal. It seeming that despite the fact that Father was an Archmage and the pay was more than enough to make them rich enough to rival many Nobility in Lordaeron, and also that my Mother herself was a minor Noble, they intended to live frugally. This extended to the wedding ceremony where only a few dozen friends were in attendance, and the food itself was cooked by both of them the day before to save on catering costs.

This of course became the hallmark of their life, choosing to remain in Dalaran as their permanent place of residency (NOTE: Not like they could have gone anywhere else I guess) where they lived in a four bedroom apartment close to the Legerdemain Lounge and lived off of second rate clothing and items instead of living opulently.

Eventually, though, my Fathers research bore fruition. While Dalaran itself has always sat on a major nexus of connecting Leylines that fed off to the Sunwell, and down to Karazhan where the guardian’s place of power sat, research into manipulation OF the leyline itself was often forbidden, because of the potential that it could wreak with the flow of untapped potential energy. Because of his status as an Archmage, and because his research, theories, and hypothesis were sound, he was granted by the Council a test to put his theory into practice.

And so, with his wife in tow (Note: My Mother) he set off North towards Lordaeron.

Entry Note – Minor Leyline in Lordaeron

Having traveled through the Silverpine Forest, and up into Capital City to make a connection with the Mages of Lordearons Capital, Father and Mother both continued north towards the small town of Brill, where a minor Leyline was connected all the way up to the mountain area towards a local, popular Abbey.

It was here that both of my parent’s discoveries into what they could do with Leylines started to unfold, and show that what my Father originally theorized could be actually utilized.

First, after making camp, they started to learn to delve deep into the intricate rush of mana that was beneath their feet, slowly pulling it forth as one would create an irrigation system. Only instead of trenching the earth and letting the water flow in that direction, they had to use objects and artifacts of their own design that tapped into the Leyline and pulled it forth.

After having created a new tendril of energy over the course of several weeks that reached out nearly 300 meters from the point of connection, they began their work.

Entry Note – What the Research Entailed

Part of what my Parents research into the Leylines was about was the ability to use and manipulate them them to our advantage. A sort of improvement over what we’ve already known since…well…forever ago. To most people, the simplest answer when asked what Leylines were, was that they were like veins on a person that carried blood. Mana flowed through these leylines and were pumped all around Azeroth, providing power to Mages or anyone who used magic anywhere. This enables people to access the Arcane, or have a connection to magic outside of other forces (Such as the Light, Elementals, Nature, etc.). So it was feared often that tampering with these leylines could result in catastrophic consequences for mages and even destroy the leyline tendril itself.

However, that didn’t stop people outside of the Kirin Tor from often doing that, since for a long while we’ve known where the Leylines are (NOTE – See Map Figure 1). Often the experiments resulted in damaging, or tampering with the Leyline in a way that would shut it off a little bit, or move it in a way that wasn’t conducive to the flow of Mana.

So what my Parents proposed was a system that could not only improve and heal the Leyline but also move it. My Father more interested in the moving of the Leyline in a much easier fashion than the one he had currently used for research, while my Mother was more interested in the healing aspect, believing that the leylines themselves COULD be opened up and allowed to flow more freely by removing arcane “trash” from the flow.

According to the notes recovered (NOTE: will mention what happened to notes in a bit), it wasn’t a simple task, but it could be done. Let me collect my thoughts and I’ll explain.

First off comes the movement part of the Leyline. As I said earlier, it’s almost like a vein in the body, carrying mana from one Nexus point to another via a long line that stretches all over Azeroth. Unlike veins though, they CAN be moved and pulled. Previously, this could only be done in small parts, like my Father did with his various tools to get his 300-meter long leyline to practice with. And it wasn’t very practical for large scale operations because it required a huge expenditure of energy to even move a little it a little bit into position. Often requiring six times the energy cost than you’d get out of it in return. (NOTE – This was all before the war with Malygos in Northrend during the Lich King war, which was partly based on this study, I think).

What my Father proposed was instead of treating it like a vein and forcing it to move, to instead carve out the area around it and treat it like water instead of blood. Soon he took that 300 meters of energy and started to show that by eliminating all magic around it, including nature magic, the energy from the leyline will instead naturally start to “flow” to that area to fill in the gaps. Thus, allowing you an equal return on energy expending just to get it to move! This was astounding, because soon he turned what amounted to a 1 meter long magical line of energy into 4 meters wide, and then soon to 10, and then created something to what amounted as a “flow”, which in Magical terms means that the energy pooled together and had to either be siphoned off, or returned to the initial source of magical energy.

That’s where my Mother’s research came in secondly. While my Fathers was about research spells, incantations, and the ability to tap into the magical source and even move it, my Mother took a different approach to repairing and stabilizing. Mostly because the “flow” and the welling of the energy could have devastating effects if not treated right. In fact, a buildup of energy could even result in explosions, magical arcane constructs that gain sentience and aggression, or creatures that feed off of the arcane like leeches to blood.

So what she devised was a way to create a system of magical shunts that can be opened, closed, or even changed which can change the direction of the arcane flow, OR turn it off completely. She accomplished this by placing such a shunt at the middle point of my Fathers ley line that he created, and then controlling it by changing the flow of energy to “on” or “off”, but even changing how much energy was pooled into the flow at the end, which helped to keep it from pooling and causing issues. Effectively meaning that if they needed more power for their experiments, she turned it on and increased the flow of mana, and when they were done, to turn it off and stabilize the flow.

Within several years of practicing this, they compiled their notes and returned to Dalaran triumphant. Both with several series of note books filled to the brim with information on their findings, and my Mother pregnant with a child (NOTE – That was me). Their research proved to be effective, they were tasked with additional research and provided money, and housing to travel across the Eastern Kingdoms to study and improve their methods to finalize the methods. Even being asked to study around the Karazhan area, even though at the time it was highly dangerous work since the end of the First War when Medivh was killed.

Thankfully, they didn’t require too much from there. At the time my Parents were living in Stormwind, connected with the Mage Circle within the walled city. The arrival of their Daughter putting their research on hold for a little while as they dealt with their growing family.

While that was the start of what should have been happiness, it sadly didn’t end up that way.

Entry Note – Their Downfall

The original reason my Father and Mother wanted to study leylines and learn to manipulate them was entirely altruistic. Magic, as we know, has the capability of making life for people a lot easier. It has the capacity to allow us near instantaneous travel, to create creatures that have no sentience to do menial tasks for us, to be used as an energy source for tools that we can use to power inventions, to entertain us, make food taste better and appear, to make us feel good, and in a lot of ways, heal us and make us better people.

But at the same time Magic has a destructive side to it too. It can be used as a weapon of war, causing much devastation in its wake when not used properly. Weapons and armor can be enchanted with magic to make them more devastating, and arcane can be manipulated to take on the aspects of elemental properties. Cryomancy and Pyromancy being popular, important forms of combat magic.

While my Parents wanted to use the leylines to improve our lives overall there were a growing group of people who took notice of the research and saw horrible potential for it to be used for more evil purposes. To use it for war, devastate and blight a land, or even remove whole swaths of magic to an area to render their opponents unable to defend themselves.

So they started to pressure the Kirin Tor to release what little information they had from my Parents on their research, at first opting to bribe the Kirin Tor into selling the information, then outright threatening to have the information, to outright trying to steal what they have. Being turned each and every time they tried to get a hold of the secrets that my Parents had.

My Parents though didn’t know of the trouble they were getting into. Maybe it was a little naïve to think they that there wouldn’t be people who were coming after them, or who would take an interest in their research when it came to messing with the Leylines and the power that it could hold. Whatever the case, they were little prepared for what happened.

This group, from what information there is left; called the Renegade Coven, infiltrated Dalaran to find out what information they could about my Parents and even used scouts to magically track my Father and Mother to the city of Stormwind, where they confronted them personally.

At first, they did the same thing to the Kirin Tor; bribed him. But he still had his connections in Dalaran so he was prepared for the confrontation and quickly confronted them in turn about how he wasn’t going to release his research into their hands so they could use it for something that it wasn’t intended to be used for.

A fight broke out, which my Father survived from. Sensing the danger that was quickly surrounding him, he grabbed up my Mother and their infant daughter (Me) and fled Stormwind, using the newly established Deeprun Tram system to run north to Ironforge.

Another fight ensued in the middle of the Tram, and my Parents barely escaped again, this time heading to the city of Ironforge where they met up with several members of the Kirin Tor who they had connections with in the city itself.

From there, My Father split up his research notes on the Leylines that they had been doing at that point. Making sure that the group he split his research up into couldn’t read it, written in his own cipher and requiring spells and incantations to magically decipher in the end. The research, notes, and books were then spread into different locations, spread all through who knows where.

The last thing they did was to entrust their daughter into the hands of a friend from Dalaran. Their last wish, and in fact a part of their will as an insurance. Not wanting their daughter to live in an Orphanage in Lordaeron or Stormwind or anywhere else; rather to be born and raised in the city they loved.

And from there my Mother and my Father both split up, going off into different directions to deal with the threat that was closing in on them. The Archmage, whose skill and mastery in the manipulation of surroundings and his wife, a woman who in her own right was fit, lean, cunning, and skilled in physical skills, mental skills, and magical skills, were not seen again.

And from this day, no magical scrying or information about them was ever found. Their bones at this point more than likely lost. Both presumed dead, with their research, hidden, and their daughter now writing currently in this book transcribing magically everything in her mind to paper.

And the worst part? The monsters that took everything are still coming, intending to take everything else.

-End of Notes
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