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August 16, 38 L.C.

To: Mage-Commander Vanicidus
From: Senator Janeway

The following is a collection of notes I was able to take down within the limited allotted time given for the investigation of the device on the Legion world. I've temporarily dubbed it "Harvester of Astrological entities".

The device appeared to be channeling energy from the local fel-tainted star. With the planet being tidal-locked, it worked extraordinarily well. The device itself is a semicircular metallic bowl, studded with felspikes and enchanted conduits.

I can confirm that the magic ritual that was taking place with the device has been turned off. Though, a vestigial link remains and traces the location of the staff on the other end to somewhere in Azeroth. The amount of magical energy for the ritual to transport the Star's essence over such a distance is impeccable!

If possible, I would be very interested in investigating this device further, whether we returned to it, or summoned it to somewhere more reasonable. It could also possibly serve as a tracker for the staff.

Senator Leonard F. Janeway
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