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The Violet Eye Times: August Edition

Argus in the Sky!

Looking up in the night sky used to be a thing of wonder, curiosity, inspiring dreams and adventures. But now the beautiful night sky has been replaced with a giant planet that was pulled to us through some sort of rift. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to be getting any closer, so we aren’t experiencing any tidal issues or gravity issues from a planet being so close. Citizens are feeling the confusion and concern, but never fear! We will get through this crisis as we have any others. This one seems more pressing as every single citizen can see it invading their airspace, but consider it just another day in beautiful Azeroth. In case of panic, specially made polymorph spell guns are available to prevent panic. They will turn citizens into cute little chicks or kittens to prevent rioting. Who can right if everyone is a kitten and being cuddled? Please take care to cuddle any chicks or kittens you might see.

Battlemages in the streets and patrolling the skies will keep all of us safe from any danger. Their constant vigil prevents demons from even having a breath of a chance from taking hold in our beautiful city. While they are constantly watching, be sure to do your best to step around them! Their eyes might be on the sky and we don’t want any more collisions. The infirmary is dealing with quite a backlog of citizens as it is!


As a reminder, please know where the closest evacuation portal is. While we do not expect to evacuate, we do plan for the absolute worst. Your nearest assigned evacuation portal point will lead you and your family to safe underground vaults filled with supplies, food, comfortable rooms, and everything anyone might need to survive the end of the world. Each underground vault has the abilities to grow food and bring in fresh air and are great places to be! Vault-Co, For all your underground needs.

New Class Series!

Fall classes are upon us once again. Come join us for after the session classes that will range from simple lectures, to hands on demonstrations, to field trips and field work to see them done up close and in action! No two classes are alike. The first is going to be Abjuration. Learn about different sorts of shields and their practical uses, all the way from elemental shields, to runic, to mind shields. No one can see your thoughts now! The classes will range all the way from various profession classes to higher magical theory.

Abjuration is the field of warding, shielding, and negating. Abjuration spells also include spells like banishing something to another plane, wards that trigger upon walking, and anti-scrying spells. The field is vast and expansive, often overlooked beyond the basic elemental wards. Abjuration spells can be cast by numerous mages to make massive barriers such as the one that held Dalaran within it for years during the rebuilding. Please attend the class on Saturday to find out more, right after the Senate meeting!

Next week will be Alchemy! Former Chancellor Zanbor Emerson was an excellent Alchemist and a former teacher of alchemy. He believed in the alchemy program, inspiring a department for it, creating unique funding for it, and assisting with various licenses for Senators. Alchemy is the art of creation potions, transmuting substances into other substances, and creating powerful elixirs. Each type of enchanting generally calls for a specialist to grow into the greater formula for each type, but don’t let that stop you from trying everything you can! Alchemists can be quite dangerous on the battlefield as well as a blessing back at home. From dangerous gaseous potions and exploding bombs, alchemists can keep enemies at bay with a few bubbling brewing mixtures. In the infirmary, they can heal wounds, mend bones and cure illnesses. Business minded alchemists can transmute mundane items into more precious ones, such as the famous iron to gold formula. An alchemist generally has a grand goal of a potion they wish to create. More on that in the Alchemy class!

The Meetings of the Mind is a group of mages and other spellcasters that meet monthly to host classes, discuss theories, and otherwise get together in a non-Senate setting. The next meeting will be hosted by Farel Arc as it is the Magus Senate’s turn to host. Please attend if you are available and make sure you ready yourself for a great meeting of minds. Look for more meetings of the mind in the future!

The Foreign Affairs Minister:

Minister Elberich Haltring has decided to retire and leave the chaotic life of politics and demons for a nice quiet life in Gilneas. He was the former Foreign Affairs Minister for the Magus Senate, as well as one of the founders for the Senate. We look forward to hearing from him every now and again, just to let us know he has not died. Foreign Affairs as a Ministry was moved to the Chancellery. Please see Chancellor Hellissa Brisby-Pyrestaff, or Vice Chancellor Vorien Dawnstrider for information on these departments.

On the note of Foreign Affairs, a generous donation was gifted to the Kirin Tor by Stormwind forces. Our relationships with allies are stronger than ever! With those donations, numerous new war related items can be built to continue the fight against the Legion. Thank you, generous Stormwind benefactors! In return, a number of battlemages have been dispatched to Stormwind to assist with their own Legion issues.

Business Section

Do you have a shop? Want to expand your trade network? Speak with Farel Arc, President and Founder of PRISM to talk about exciting new trade opportunities. Using his fabulous and vast network, PRISM can put you in touch with customers, new trade opportunities, and endless possibilities! Grow your business with PRISM!

Looking for a magical blacksmith? We have several! Speak to Vesran Rand or Bran’allius as two great examples of a magical blacksmith for all your blacksmithing needs. Vesran Rand is excellent with Lightforge ingots, and Bran’allius knows all about weaving the world of Light and Arcane together.

Potion sale! The Witch’s Whimsy is having a big end of summer sale for all it’s potions! End of season fertility potions, giggle potions, and dream potions are all half off. Have wonderful dreams, lots of laughs, and spread the love with new life in the world. What a wonderful time to be alive!

Senate Spotlights:

Searching for that perfect study spot? Go fishing right off the main portion of Dalaran. While it’s a well known spot, sometimes it’s good to relax and quietly fish while ignoring the giant planet in the sky. Just another day in paradise! Be sure to stop by and catch a butterfly. But remember to let it go with a wish to carry on into the world! Wish away!

From the Desk of the Chancellor
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