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The woman raised her hand from its position on her gut, knowing all too well the familiar texture and scent of blood. Vina growled lowly from the back of her throat as she stood back up to her imposing height to glare at her attackers, if looks could kill they would fall on the spot, but as that was not the case she would have to settle for the old fashion way of doing things, by blade and fire.

The armour she wore was unlike that of most alliance troops, rather than a solid piece of metal she wore various strips of metal and leather over a vest of chain mail. Bulky, heavy and overall clunky, the stubborn pyromancer seemed to be an imposing sight on this otherworldly planet. With a grunt she brought her short blade against her breastplate as she challenged the small group of demons, taunting them despite being wounded by their first wave. Around her lay bodies strewn about, some missing limbs while others unrecognizable, torn and blood. Scattered amongst the dead were a few Draenei from the Army of the Light, no doubt aiding the pyromancer in this battle only to meet their death.

"Well come on!" She roared out, slamming the hilt of her blade against her breastplate as she challenged the second wave.

The challenge was met with a roar from the demons, charging towards her in a heated lust for battle. Their ferocity only met by steel and blade that bit through flesh and armour alike. This Pyromancer was more than just a finger wiggler, her raw strength backed by the sheer viciousness made her a formidable opponent. But no matter how strong she might be, the numbers would soon over run her, soon she would falter. But this was a good death, this would be fun until the end.
Only through conflict do we evolve.
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