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The following is a manifest of recent imports and exports of trade goods handled by the Magus Senate of Dalaran. All units priced per pound or per 16 fluid ounces.

Agricultural Imports

Primary Provider: Sunswift Farms
-Apples; 85c
-Ash Turnips; 70c
-Cabbage; 90c
-Leeks; 70c
-Mugwort; 1.4s
-Olives; 1.2s
-Onions; 75c
-Oranges; 1.3s
-Potatoes; 80c
-Tomatoes; 1.9s

Primary Providers: Sunswift Farms, Tradewinds Coalition
-Flour; 1.2s
-Linseed; 5.8s
-Rice; 60c
-Sesame Seed; 4.2s

Meat & Animal Products
Primary Supplier: Sunswift Farms
-Beef; 3.9s
-Cream; 1.3s
-Eggs; 1.4s
-Fish (Salmon); 15.6s
-Honey; 5.9s
-Milk; 3.2s
-Pork; 4.2s
-Venison; 7.6s
-Viper Eggs; 10.66s

Herbs & Spices
Primary Suppliers: Sunswift Farms, Tradewinds Coalition
-Akiris Reed; 4.5s
-Cinnamon; 2.4s
-Coffee; 6.5s
-Ginseng; 20.3s
-Nutmeg; 10.3s
-Olive Oil; 4.9s
-Peppercorn; 9.7s
-Sugar; 80c

Industrial Imports

Metal, Stone, & Gems
Primary Suppliers: Dwarven Vanguard, Brimcore Mining Co - PRISM, Aether Tech
-Basalt; 20c
-Copper; 2.5s
-Gold 5.06g
-Incendicite; 9.52g
-Limestone; 6.5c
-Malachite; 8.7s
-Mithril; 2.03g
-Resonite; 10.3g
-Sapphire; 12.01g
-Silver; 2.5g
-Throium; 3.42g
-Zinc; 88.06s

Primary Suppliers: Evergreen Arbor - PRISM
-Ashwood; 1.3s
-Birch; 2.03s
-Ironwood 10.8s
-Oak 2.9s

Textiles & Leathers
Primary Suppliers: Tradewinds Coalition, Evergreen Arbor - PRISM
-Beeswax; 6.5s
-Cotton Thread; 2.1s
-Ironwood Leather; 40.53s
-Linen Thread; 1.3s
-Silk Thread; 4.8s
-Tallow; 40c
-Wool Thread; 1.6s

Foreign Services Rendered
Primary Suppliers: Dwarven Vanguard, Aether Tech, Reggad Trading Co.
-Commercial Goods Transportation; Varies
-Component-Smilithing; Varies

Agricultural Exports

Primary Producer: Mythic Garden
-Aehtril Fiber; 5.3g
-Bear's Paw; 6.03s
-Emerald Shimmercap; 6.12s
-Fenberries; 1.5s
-Ghost Mushrooms; 5.8s
-Runewood; 12s
-Wyrmtail; 6.4s

Industrial Exports

Primary Producer: Elemental Foundry
-Animite; 12.3g
-Arcanite; 22.5g
-Enchanted Steel; 2.15g

Primary Producer: Fateful Weavers
-Enchanted Silk; 2.3g
-Runecloth; 15.2s

Reagents, Arcane/Alchemical - All Prices May Vary
-Arcane Catalysts; 3g
-Arcane Crystals; 40.02s
-Arcane Flux; 15.80s
-Arcane Inks; 75.60s
-Refined Essences; 32.9g
-Quickening Agents; 18.4s

Arcane Consumables
-Potions; Varies; Examples Scale Per Strength-Tier
-Potions of Healing; 35s, 1.5g, 4.3g
-Potions of Empowerment; 70s, 2.2g, 6g
-Runestones; Varies
-Runestone of Recall;
-Runestone of Teleportation; 1.1g
-Runestone of Vitality; 3.5g
-Scrolls; Varies

Local Services Rendered
-Portal Services; Varies
-Enchanting Services; Varies

[If you own a business or purchase foreign goods please post them here.]
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