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File number 135
Project: T.A.M.A.
Commissioned by: Zanila Twinwrench
Status: Prototype phase, initial testing to commence soon.


Designed to be a ever evolving and modular armor, the Techno-Arcane Modular Armor, or T.A.M.A. is just that. The plates are modular, the armor can be swapped out and modified to fit any environment needed. Uses could be for deep sea mining, salvage, digging, rescue. It was build with the intent to use its modular nature to have different attachments installed.

Currently there is only one prototype and the tester is one Tensly Sparksping. Once testing has concluded and the armor has met optimum standards it will be presented to council for display and potential use.

Grand Engineer of the Magus Senate.

Magi-Tech Tinkerer
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