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Surveillance systems active...

Bran flops down onto his chair, speaking. "Perhaps it is a sign? Ever since my trip to the void my connection to the light has gotten weaker. Maybe they knew and tried to trick me?"

Bran pauses...

A figure in the corner of the room leans forward in her chair, speaking. "You can't give in to these feelings... you believing you've done something wrong is not only incorrect, but it is what's causing all of this. The light is your destiny, Bran'allius, as it is mine."

Bran nods, and continues to speak. "Nothing magical could illuminate the senate chambers... Hmm. All I can think of that could have done this is void magic, but it didn't feel like void magic... I'll have to keep a watchful eye on Mister Shadow Man, he might have caused this."
The figure shakes her head "Doubt it, he doesn't seem the type to just up and spook everyone."
Bran nods. "Thank you for meeting me here. Our people have suffered a lot on this world, the actual one... but, I have too many fond memories in this building. It helps me think."

The figure nods, "Understandable... Now..." She leans in to Bran, speaking... "Tell me more about this void incident, and why you think it's so important."

Surveillance systems interrupted.... attempting reboot...
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