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December 3, 38 L.C.


Cabinet of Ministers on High Alert as Strange Occurrences Unsettle Dalaran

A series of anomalous events in Dalaran, starting with the Senate meeting last Saturday and last night’s breach of the Arcane Vaults has caused some concern among the Dalarani populace. News of the events have reached the Dalarani press and airwaves as the Dalaran Guard has been placed on high alert.

Following last night’s breach of the Arcane Vault and mysterious disappearance of several artifacts, the Dalaran Guard has been ordered to search the City and all domiciles of interest for these missing items and return them to the Arcane Vault for safe keeping. As a result of these occurrences, the Dalaran Cabinet of Ministers is monitoring the situation carefully and taking all necessary steps to ensure a return to order as quickly as possible. All citizens are requested to exercise vigilance and caution until the matter is resolved.

If anyone has any information about these events, please report it immediately to the Interior Ministry or by informing the nearest Dalaran Guard.

Eye of Dalaran Watch Over You All

Dalaran Minister of the Interior
Archmage of the Kirin Tor
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