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"When I see the sky, no matter where I am, it's never the same. It's always beautiful; bright and clear, dark and thunderous, but always beautiful. I want to see new, unseen skies, with strange stars and moons. I want to see the lands beneath them, the mountains, oceans, and everything in between."

The scrape of quill on parchment ceased. He closed the journal with a smile, his sight falling on the vast unexplored expanse beneath him. Two suns crested over a bright blue horizon, illuminating the observation deck. A chill of excitement clutched him. He couldn't wait anymore.

"Deployment group, prepare for departure." An professional feminine voice echoed through the halls of The Nomad, setting crewmen and constructs to well-rehearsed tasks. This was their first deployment, first non-simulated that was. As Farel made his way through the decks to the transportation chamber, he couldn't help notice an air of excited nervousness. He understood it all too well.

The Nomad's construction had been no small feat, and the assembled crew - so far as he was concerned - were unmatched. Most were young, intrepid engineers, mages, warriors, craftsmen, and technicians with prodigal skills and every reason to leap through the stars.

Saying the crew was 'diverse' was an understatement. They came from every walk of life and every race, some even beyond the prime timeline. They were without discrimination; he'd seen to it personally. No prejudices would be brought on The Nomad, and they'd carry none to other worlds.

A young, short half-elf with light blonde hair and unnaturally bright blue eyes, Farel was easy enough to spot and received several nods and enthusiastic 'good morning sir!'s as he continued to walk, passing through a translucent violet barrier which doors and emergency airlocks.

"Attention on deck!" Sounded a familiar feminine voice with an authority which almost sent his heels clicking.

"Ah, no, please, at ease. Haven't we talked about formalities, Alice." He spoke to a tall, middle aged human woman with stern features and a sharp, professional outfit, her dark blonde hair wrapped into a tight bun.

"We have sir, and I must continue to protest that discipline should be-"

He sighed in defeat for the time being, not wanting another tongue-lashing from his executive officer. In a stable full of rowdy youths, Alice had become a firm pillar; a stiff guiding hand for apprentices and veterans alike.

"So, we're ready to leave then?" He asked, tightening the straps of his overcoat. Alice raised a brow both questioning and disapproving which made him pause.

"Er- no then?" The rest of the crew stood around the large circular room in small groups or pairs; teams of like-minded individuals or close friends.

"Perhaps a word from their captain before the first departure?" Heat filled his face as he glanced around to each face, all familiar. He knew their names, their hopes and aspirations, he had their trust and they his.

"Very well, then." Under a hand he cleared his throat, took a breath, and searched frantically for words befitting the task at hand.

Nothing. Zip. Nada.

The weight of expectant eyes began to feel heavy. He twitched, clearing his throat again. 'Oh well. Here we go.'

"So. Here we are. It's been a long time coming. We've worked hard, and despite all the obstacles, we're here. So, I only have one question for all of you..." He had their full attention, every eye and ear, even Alice betrayed a hint of anxiousness.

"Are you ready to explore a new world!?" Corny as it might have been, a collective shout of agreement resounded through the entire ship. Pride and gratitude swelled in him. Pride in his crew, gratitude towards everyone who'd brought them to this moment.

"Initializing translocation routine..." Another voice came, young with an elvish accent. Esa, their primary technician. Young - too young for their first departure - she regretted not being able to go, though would see them off safely.


'What would they see?'


'What would they discover?'


'What dangers lay ahead?'


'What sort of adventures would they have on these new worlds.'

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