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Now that everyone can see points again, there has been a lot of questions as to what they mean, and how they get more. Points aren't an exact value, as lots of other consideration goes into each promotion, but at the core they are designed for the Officer-Core to see how active you are. Officers can't attend every single event, but we'd hate to miss that you were there attending/hosting one, because each of those events meant more RP for the guild!

What earns points: Going to events, hosting events, posting on the forums, gathering in groups outside of events with role-playing. (Though the last one does not always reward points, but we do try to give them out just for role-playing together!)

Junior Senator to Senator: 5-7 points, this can be done slowly over time if you aren't a super active person. As long as you attend a meeting with 5-7 points, you'll be promoted to Senator.

Senator: This is the basic rank of the Senate. Lots of people that are casual Senators stay here a long time.

Senator to Senior Senator: 15+ Points. You've been in the guild a while, and have gone to many events. Sometimes you miss meetings though, so when I'm looking to promote you, it takes me a while to catch you.

Senior Senator to Magus: 30+ points+ event hosting. You are a member who has not only gone to tons of events, posted on the forums and such, but you've hosted some events too. You create content for the Senate in multiple ways, and your rank shows for it. You must also be active. If you have 35 points, but leave every 3 months for a hiatus, I notice that, and it does delay promotions a bit.

High Magus: 50+ points, event hosting. This is a rank where we also put officers that step down. This position comes with the benefits of leadership and direction.
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