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If you are attending events, the first few times might feel a bit confusing. Roll events are generally set by the event DM, and the thresholds fluctuate depending on what the DM is looking for. But here is a standard flow of the event.

DM emotes a thing. They tell you to attack or defend

You roll.

If you meet/beat the threshold, you emote a success, however you want that to be, short of killing blows. A DM will tell you if you have a killing blow.

If you fail the threshold, you emote failure, however you'd like that to be. (Examples can be armor is too tough, your spell went wide, you were distracted, you fell over. It's up to you, be creative!)

DM emotes a thing again. You repeat. Each round lasts about six seconds. Which means you only have time to react once. You can not possibly have time to react to a thing happening, and do something else too. You may ask permission if you'd like to do something additional, but that's the DM's choice.

Just because it takes 5 minutes per round, does not mean it really took five minutes. While some of us can type VERY FAST, each round is still just a few seconds long. Everything is happening all at once. Everyone's attacks are all at once.

You also may do creative other things besides attack and defend, but that is up to the DM. You are entirely allowed to think outside of the box, but please, whisper the DM first. It is entirely up to the DM as to whether or not that is okay.

Example run through.

The boss attacks! Roll for defense!

Senators roll for defense. Those that make the threshold, defend themselves. Those that meet Crit conditions, can defend others. Those that fail take damage.

The Senators attack now! Roll for attack! Senators attack, emote accordingly.

Senators that heal can also roll for healing.
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