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Stepping out on the balcony, Salazar indulged in the cool breeze that meandered between the violet towers. Breathing it in, he felt at peace. By now he had gotten used to the massive fel planet brightening the sky with its sickly presence, but everything else was fine.

An aide, a young apprentice, interning with the Interior Ministry came out onto the balcony with Salazar to hand him a stash of reports. Flipping through them, there was nothing of note. No major crimes, all the petty criminals have been either arrested or fined, and there were no notable reports of forbidden magical activity abroad. At least for now, everything seemed perfectly fine. The New Year was around the corner, and for a short period, it felt like Salazar could finally take what he’d long desired: a vacation.

“Aide!” he yelled back inside.

The young apprentice scurried outside, “Yes, sir?”

“Update my schedule, I’ll be retiring to Blackmoon until after the New Year. If anyone asks, I’m terribly busy off-planet.”

“Yes, sir, at once.”

“Oh, and… what was your name?”


“Good, Peter, here’s a gold coin. Enjoy the holidays.”

“Oh, thank you!” The aide exclaimed, “I’ll see to updating your schedule immediately.”

With that, Salazar made his way back inside to his office to organize his remaining work, and prepare for his leave. Upon doing so, he glanced about and around his office, almost forgetting what it would be like to be in a place with just a bit less purple. “I should really hire an interior decorator… it’s in the name,” he said, musing to himself. “At any rate, to Blackmoon then!”

Salazar began channeling the teleportation spell, only to find that at its completion-- nothing happened. “Well, that’s odd.”

He tried again. Nothing.

“What the hell? Aide!” He screamed out from inside his office.’

“Yes, sir, you called?”

“Get me the Director-General of the Guard.”

The aide went back from whence he came, and after about ten minutes, he came back with the Director-General, Octavius Graves. Graves was an older man in his 50s, with a warrior’s build and the scars on his face to prove it. He carried with himself a no-nonsense attitude and was one of the few people in the City with both the physical and magical aptitude to keep the City safe from its unique trouble-makers.

“Graves, have you fiddled with the Arcandome without my consent?” He asked matter-of-factly.

“No, I have not, sir. That’s above my pay grade.”

“Then… WHY…. am I being blocked from teleporting out? The Arcandome should not be active right now, and most importantly, should not be blocking -me-.”

“I’ll look into it, sir.”

“See to it that you do.”

Graves left the office, but in the meantime, Salazar decided to not wait for Graves’ report, and went out to the Dalaran portal hub to head to Stormwind, and attempt to teleport to Blackmoon from there. Walking all the way there from the Interior offices, he passed by the various citizens of Dalaran who were going about their business in an almost picturesque way. Everyone was happy, no one was shivering in fear, and all was well. Apart from the fel green planet in the sky, that is.

As he passed by, the people oddly only ever said one of two things: “Good afternoon Minister!” “How are you today?” Peculiar, but he wasn’t focused on that at the present moment, he just wanted to leave. Finally arriving at the portal nexus in the western portion of the City, he went right up to the perpetually opened portal to Stormwind, took a brief pause while looking through it at the Mage District on the other side, and with a bounce in his step waltzed through the portal.

Except he didn’t, and Salazar walked straight into the wall behind the portal, his face somewhat plastered across the tile, and a small bruise on his nose. “Ow.”

Slowly removing himself from the crevice behind the portal and turning around, he walked back to the front of the portal and looked at it with confusion. There it was, a portal to Stormwind and he could see as clear as day the city of Stormwind just beyond. But when he walked up to it and held his hand out through the portal, instead of appearing in the Mage District, it disappeared behind the portal-- as if the portal was merely an illusion.

Salazar looked around and found one of the portal attendant’s, “Excuse me, why can’t I go through the portal? I walked right through and found myself kissing the stone.”

The attendant looked at him with confusion, “I’ve no idea what you’re talking about, Minister Demes. People have been coming and going all day.”

“Have they now?” Demes replied, “Then why is it that I cannot? Hm?”

“Wouldn’t know, sir. I’ll look into it.”

Salazar was seething by this point, “See to it that you do.”

Absolutely befuddled and positively annoyed, Salazar decided to eschew magic altogether and get off the floating city the old fashioned way, with a gryphon.

Virtually speed walking, he zipped across the City from the portal nexus to Krasus Landing, moving between people and crowds who all kept smiling and laughing and enjoying their day like everything was fine. Maybe their day was fine, but Salazar had nothing to smile about. Making a turn at the corner, he almost bumped into a citizen who Salazar nearly shoved out of the way. In response, the citizen merely smiled and went about his day. “Are they all high?” he asked himself.

Continuing on his way to the landing, some random people stopped to ask him “How are you today?” but he turned, scowled, and without losing a beat in his step retorted with a simple “Shut up!” Approaching the Violet Gate, he saluted the guards on duty, entered the Landing, and there waiting for him, as if on cue was a gryphon ready to take him to Stormwind. “Finally!” he exampled.

He stopped, took a breather, and hopped onto the gryphon. Gently patting it, “Let’s go! Away from this City and its infernal malfunctions.” The gryphon responded almost immediately, and Salazar flew off of Dalaran, heading toward Stormwind. But before he made it far away from Dalaran, with the City practically on his tail, everything began to turn dark, until Salazar was consumed by it and thought he’d gone blind. “What the hell….” And then nothing.

Stepping out on the balcony, Salazar indulged in the cool breeze that meandered between the violet towers. Breathing it in, he felt at peace. By now he had gotten used to the massive fel planet brightening the sky with its sickly presence, but everything else was fine.

Dalaran Minister of the Interior
Archmage of the Kirin Tor
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