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It is henceforth illegal to own any personal samples of the mysterious substance Azerite/Azerothite/Brananaite. Any currently owned substance will be turned over to the Academics department for research. Any future expeditions that include gathering and reclaiming the substance from a third party will also be turned over to Research and Development.

All experiments will be done within lab controlled settings, under the watchful eye of the Academics Department.

Any person found with a personal sample of Azerite/Azerothite/Brananaite will have their sample confiscated. Any further attempts to gain access to the substance without permission from the Academics Ministry will be met with severe fines and possible time within the Hold.

This does not include substances owned by the Alliance or Horde.

As a reference, this is the substance left in the wake of the Titan Sword stabbing into the planet.


Hellissa Brisby-Pyrestaff
Chancellor of the Magus Senate of Dalaran

From the Desk of the Chancellor
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