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Questioning of Zanila Twinwrench

The following is classified and would not be known to the public.

Logging started on 04/01/2018 at 14:18:31.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: I've received the reports, and have been informed by the others of what occurred that evening at your shop.. but I was.. dismayed at the idea of there being a sort of.. holding facility?
Zanila-MoonGuard thought for a moment. "Yes, I believe I understand. Yes I was informed by the others was transpired under my workshop. "
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: The facility itselt was installed and made before I joined the Magus Senate. It was meant to remain sealed and forgotten."
Salazar-MoonGuard summoned Quivicus, his magical quill. "And for the record, what was inside this facility?"
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: An entity that called herself Lira.
Salazar-MoonGuard turns to the quill, "Note, sentient."
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: Correct.
Salazar-MoonGuard sighed, "You understand the implications of this?"
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: I believe it would either be withholding information to the Magus Senate or containing something sentient underneath my workshop for several years.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Both, this is what the most recent law regarding detainment was designed to prevent.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: But, let's address the legal aspect of this later.. what of this entity, Lira?
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: Would you like the long explination or the short one?
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: The one that includes all the relevant details.
Zanila-MoonGuard nodded. "Several years ago I was leading an expidition to the outskirts of the Titan city Ulduar. The company I was in was interested in the idea of the magi-tech salvaged from it. During this time of salvage we came upon a chamger what was still active
Zanila-MoonGuard and was creating hostile constructs. " stopped herself getting off track. "Lira is the entity that was operating that workshop, for however long she was in there she kept working, improving. She had reached the limit of mechanial creation and she wanted
Zanila-MoonGuard to go further. She just needed Unfortunatly she chose me.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: I beg your pardon?
Zanila-MoonGuard sighed softly and stepped forward, turning around and lifting her hair up, a very small scar at the base of her neck. "The device recovered from the dead nightborne from my workshop had a similar scar to this. However while that was used to control them
Zanila-MoonGuard like a puppet, this one forced herself into my mind and assumed control of my body at that time. "
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: And now.. Lira, this entity.. you decided to.. keep in your basement, per se?
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: No, I contained her in what I felt,was the most secure facility I could create and keep her dormant until I found a way to destory her and ensure that she could not spread from there."
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: I understand that, Ms. Twinwrench. It is also true that this is tantamount to unlawful detainment, and as long as you are a citizen of Dalaran, the law equally applies to you, no matter how noble the act.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Where is Lira now?
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: I do not know.
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: Reports state she left via a poral.
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: porta*
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: portal**
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Do you have any other facilities that have kept or continue to keep sentient entities?
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: I do not.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Have you been or are you engaged in any activities, whether directly or through your oversight capacity as Grand Engineer, that would reasonably be found to be in violation of the Laws of Dalaran?
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: No. I have not used my position or resources of the Senate or city of Dalran for anything against the Laws of Dalaran nor have I commited any acts against the Laws of Dalaran while a member of the senate or Grand Engineer. "
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Apart from the detainment of a sentient individual.
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: Correct.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Noted, that is all, Grand Engineer. I'll be in touch.
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: Thank you.

Logging started on 04/02/2018 at 20:36:55.
Salazar-MoonGuard slowly approaches the cell in which Zanila was kept, nodding his head to the guard stationed outside, "Never thought we'd be having a conversation in this manner, Ms. Twinwrench, but the files you sent over were... alarming."
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: There are two main issues that present some legal trouble that I was hoping you can clear up, and the sooner this exercise can be... over.'
Zanila-MoonGuard nodded "I did not think I would be here either but yes, I knew something may happen eventually. What can I answer for you?"
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: The files seem.. incomplete, but suggest that you.. experimented on your own workers? On one Silvia Sprocket.. an involuntary amputation of her right arm.. a mechanical arm in its place.. my god.
Zanila-MoonGuard shook her head. "Partially correct. During that time I was not in control of myself and my body was host to Lira before the body that was encountered under my workshop was completed. Her theories stemed from combining biological matter and mechanics with
Zanila-MoonGuard arcane as a connecting material in order to build a body that could be techno-organic."
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Yes, part-humanoid, part-machine, attempts have been made throughout recent history to supplement biology. That being said, who is Lira?
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: I know we discussed some of this the other day.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: But I'd like a full run-down on what she is, her origins, desires, etc.
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: Lira is whatever entity was inside of the faciltiy we discovered in Northrend. She is driven to evolve herself and to progress herself into a better being. She had reached her limit in strictly mechanical means and expanded into biological.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: And she sought to use you as a host for her needs to ascend into this biological state?
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: I do not know why I was chosen for her host. Perhaps since gnomes were more compatable to whatever procedure she uses to implant herself or I was the easiest target while we were fighting off her constructs. She needed a host to leave that facility, the
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: current situation and her current form may be from utilizing my skills with engineering to her own ends?
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: And when she was in control of your body.. during these experimentations on other workers, what did you experience?
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: A sense of isolation. Simliar to being locked in a dark room with nothing but your thoughts, watching the world through a window but unable to interact with it.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: And how did you regain control of your body?
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: I do not remember regaining control until I was pulled out of the head unit of a large construct that the Bounty Hounds had destoryed. I was wired into it with differnt connections keeping me hooked into it."
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: So the entity, Lira, was in control of you.. while you, in turn, were inside the head of a larger construct?
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: "I apologize I went ahead of myself. I was placed into that construct after her body was complete. Once she had that she used me as a control unit for that construct."
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Her body was complete? Let's backtrack. She developed a body for herself, a biological one?
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: She has a bio-mechanical body, while mostly metalic, it can channel spells and mana simliar to the organic body. It does not rely on a power source like a power core but has a regenerating supply, as well as the ability to tap into ley line.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Very well.. and what transpired, to your recollection, after you were removed from the construct?
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: I awoke in the infirmary, bandaged up and also under guard. I remained in recovery until I was deemed safe and in my own mind. Several pieces of metal were removed from my body as well. Once I was released I was informed as to what happened and while my
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: actions were not my own, I was placed under watch by a barracks of soldiers from that day forth."
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Whose soldiers?
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: Members of the Boundy Hounds which were former alliance soldiers.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Vigilantes?
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: I am unsure of their past lives but they were loyal to the alliance.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Very well... describe to me the thought process behind developing the holding facility for Lira.. following your awakening?
Zanila-MoonGuard thought for a moment, shifing a little but taking a seat on a chair she pulled over to her. "The process was to keep her powered down. While she could draw mana, she still had the ability to store mana for whatever use. First I started with an anti magic
Zanila-MoonGuard field, the system next would draw and siphon any excess mana to deny her energy to reactivate. After that point we worked on reinforcing the vault itself, a mixture of obsidium walls and vault with titansteel rods for extra support. Wards were added to
Zanila-MoonGuard reinforce the inner workings and to keep her trapped inside long enough to reach her and try to stop her. Power to the wards was used by her own mana as well as a mana reactor that used to keep the wards active incase of outage. Once sealed it was meant
Zanila-MoonGuard to not need to be opened again until she could be deactivated permantly."
Salazar-MoonGuard quill noted everything, "Very well. And.. you are aware of Title XV of the Laws of Dalaran, pertaining to Prisoner Rights?"
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: I believe it pertains to the unlawful incarciration of sentient beings.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: It does, and to ask the blunt question, why did you not seek to rectify this incompatibility between the law and this situation when the law was passed?
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: I felt that she does not count as a sentient being as while she has grown and used others to grow into that she is still driven by a drive to learn and improve. While she has given herself a name I do not believe she is sentient. As for why I did not
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: address this, I did not wish information of her becoming known as I was concerned with the security risk it would become.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Are you sure? Because according to my records, in our last conversation when I audibly recorded "Note, sentient." You replied, "Correct."
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: I then asked you if you understand the implications of this, and you did.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: You said, "I believe it would be either withholding information to the Magus Senate or containing something sentient underneath my workshop for several years."
Salazar-MoonGuard grew more stern, "Which is it Zanila, sentient or not?"
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: I do not have an answer whether she is or is not. I only what my own observations and my own theories that she is not sentient. I see her as something more then a machine but not human.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Is Lira self-aware?
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: Is she aware of herself and of those around her yes. Is she intelligent, yes she is. Is she concious. No I do not believe she has attained conciousness. I believe she is not sentient.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: What is the definition of consciousness?
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: "The fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world."
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: And Lira is aware and intelligent... unfortunately, the Prisoner Rights Act as passed specifically states that beings beyond sentient ones such as you and I... are protected by the law, including, but not limited to semi-sapient constructs, artificial
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: intelligence constructs (Titan or Mortal-made), or any other being that shows signs of sapience.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: You remember the law, right? It was passed in the wake of the homunculi.. because the Senate felt.. sorry for them.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: In the process of answering that question, please answer this one as well: Where is Lira?
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: Yes I remember and aware of the reason why the law was passed. I weighed the options of revealing her existance but I still stand by she represents a threat to anything and anyone sentient or otherwise on this planet and has to remain contained and her
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: existance suppressed."
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: So you stand by your actions knowing full well they were illegal under the Laws of Dalaran, which as a citizen and member of this organization you are bound by?
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: I stand by I did what I felt was right at the time of her containment and I failed to explore other options after the law or during my time in the Senate.
Salazar-MoonGuard shook his head in disappointment. He turned to see the approach of the Commander, and beckoned him over.
Zanila wants to talk things over with Rat.
Vanidicus-MoonGuard strode up, his usual scowl adorning his brow. "Where are we in our conversation?"
Vanidicus-MoonGuard folded his arms across his chest, shifting his weight to one leg.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Where she admits to the wrongdoing and stands by it.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Despite knowing full well the law that guides us.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: That being set aside for now... where is Lira?
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: I do not know.
Vanidicus-MoonGuard looked down at Zanila. "I'm sure ye've answer this already, grand engineer, but where could it be?" He sighed softly, blowing a breath out his nose. he turned to demes.
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: Did we recover this Lira?
Zanila-MoonGuard looked from Salazar to Vanidicus. "I do not know where she would go. Her facility was destoryed and it would not hold much use to her from what was recovered there. I do not know where she would go after this. "
Vanidicus-MoonGuard looked to Zanila. "That is not what I want to know. I want to know if we recovered her from the facility after your recovery. An' if so, when did we release her from our custody?"
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: She was not recovered.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: This presents a bit of a problem, Ms. Twinwrench. Not only did you decide that your own facility was better suited to hold this Lira... which it was not, but you broke the law in unlawfully detaining a semi-sapient being, and now through your own actions
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: have resulted in a dangerous being escape with a shred of a clue as to where it would go!
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: This Hold exists for a -reason-, Ms. Twinwrench, and unlike Lira, you will stay put until this is resolved.
Zanila-MoonGuard nodded "Very well Ministers. "
Salazar-MoonGuard sighed deeply, his otherwise pale cheeks showing a hint of steaming red.
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: What else is there I can be of assistance in?
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: While you are in here, reflect on your own actions, and to pass the time... document absolutely -everything- you know about Lira.
Vanidicus-MoonGuard 's violet gaze flicked between the two. "Perhaps one of ye can make somethin' clear that was not detailed in th'files I recieved. Did she escape when we went to the facility?"
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: I want to know what she enjoyed doing in her spare time, whether she had so much as an artificial twitch, or had a favorite color. If she had any specific maneurisms, I want to know that as well.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Is that unknown as well, Zanila? Because she wasn't there by the time the mission was complete, that much I was told.
Zanila-MoonGuard inhaled softly then exhaled a few time, her breathing changing a little, form looking a little heavier from his decree. "Yes. She escaped during the attack on it. She was the target of whomever attackd the workshop and knew where she was and was skilled
Zanila-MoonGuard enough to break through each ward and defence but each was slain by her once she was reactived. I was informed by my assistant that Raist has spoken of her and her actions during your senate meeting and she left before being able to be contained."
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: And this, Zanila, is why we don't operate our own personal prisons.
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: She's a titanic construct, yes?
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: Yes, had I known of the Violet Hold I would have reached out for assitance in this matter but without that I did all I could to contain her. I regret my actions that I was unable to destory her or more was afraid to destory her as I thought it would
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: destory myself in turn. So I opted to contain her.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: An intelligent, sentient, construct with the ever-lasting need to improve oneself, including the development of a biological body to meld with.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: ...had you known of the Violet Hold?
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: Aye, I read that. Fairly horrifyin'. But is it titanic?
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: My time with the Bounty Hounds was only 5 months after I left Gnomeregone after living there since it fell. I did not know of the facilites here."
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: It is a program from the titanic facilites near Ulduar. If that implies it as Titanic then yes.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Affiliated with Titan technology at the minimum.
Vanidicus-MoonGuard strokes his chin in contemplation.
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: Then perhaps we can contact the Kirin Tor research teams in Ulduar.
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: Ever since Bronzebeard unlocked th'databanks, we should able to get a ping out of titanic tech location on least broadly.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Presumably, except for the fact that Lira is consistently increasing the ratio of her body's biological consistency.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: As Zanila recalled... Lira used her as a host body.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: There will come a point where she will be too biological to be pinged by any such device.
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: Grand Engineer. Would such a sweep be possible?
Zanila-MoonGuard thinks for a long moment as she wrote a few things down and tapped her finger agaisnt the table. "That may work. Perhaps. But as the Minister states she may be adding more biological matter but there is a ratio to bio mechanial as to much or the other
Zanila-MoonGuard would unbalance the mixture. She will still retain some of her mechaical body, but may be replaacing or upgrading parts. She would also be in search of large amounts of metal, to build followers and construtcs. "
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: That narrows down the search perimeter... somewhat.
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: Then we should initiate contact immediately with our magi in Ulduar.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Zanila, where exactly is your Northrend facility located again?
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: For the record.
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: The Azurite facility is near the Amber Ledge per the Mage-Commanders suggestion.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: You have no other facilities in Northrend?
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: She was provided use of our preestablished facilities.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Well up until recently we didn't even know this prison existed, so I'm covering all bases.
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: I do not have any other facilities. My destoryed workshop kept my materials, which are now in Senate storage. The only place I resided was the Ozpin estate."
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Is that estate around or near any large deposits of minerals or other metals?
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: No.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Has Lira shown any predilection for a specific type of mineral or other metal?
[Zanila-MoonGuard]: Mixed metals, not stndard steel or iron. Usually light but very sturdy metals.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Noted. I'm done with questioning, Commander feel free to continue chatting.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: I look forward to your report.
Zanila-MoonGuard nodded to Salazar. "Thank you Minister."
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: i have nothin' to say further. We'll begin pingin' fer stuff an' then get this ball rollin'.

Archmage of the Kirin Tor
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