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Magocracy of Dalaran

On Azerite

WHEREAS: The Magocracy of Dalaran (“Magocracy”) in its capacity as the government of the Sovereign Realm of Dalaran (“Dalaran”) monitor all magical activity on Azeroth; and

WHEREAS: The Kirin Tor now share a responsibility for defending Azeroth and its peoples against magical threats, under the stewardship of the Council of Six; and

WHEREAS: Sargeras wounded Azeroth by driving his sword into the planet, thus releasing a previously unknown substance, now known as Azerite; and

WHEREAS: Azerite has come to be understood as the crystallized blood of Azeroth, which is extremely potent in arcane energy and can be used to power machines and weaponry; and

WHEREAS: Azerite causes those that directly handle it to involuntarily succumb to its effects and enter an altered state of mind, and where such effects on the body and mind are not sufficiently researched; and

WHEREAS: Both the Alliance and Horde have quickly descended upon Silithus to seize the mineral for themselves, which has resulted in bloodshed and ever escalating tensions toward the prospect of war; now

THEREFORE: We, the Magocracy of Dalaran, do hereby proclaim and establish on this day June 2nd, 38 L.C. the following doctrine that will guide the policymaking of the Magocracy until such time that it is repealed:

Azerite in all its forms, both discovered and undiscovered, must not be used for the development of offensive weaponry, by anyone, regardless if whether such development is perceived to be the goal of another State or Stateless Actor. Furthermore, due to the psychological effects of Azerite and the limited research that has gone into the matter, it must not be handled, maintained, or stored by those with insufficient magical expertise. As such, it shall be the policy of the Magocracy to safeguard Azeroth and its people from the material and immaterial effects of Azerite by any means necessary, to the best of its ability, regardless of political considerations. It shall continue to be the policy of the Magocracy until such time that sufficient and convincing enough information comes to light that requires the Magocracy to alter its stance, but it shall not do so without such information.

Archmage of the Kirin Tor
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