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To keep up with book lore and the quickly coming prepatch, the Senate has decided to pick a day that we state is the day the Ceasefire Human-Forsaken meeting day is.

The Summary: King Anduin sent a letter to Sylvanas Windrunner, the Banshee Queen, asking for a day of ceasefire. In Arathi Highlands, the Alliance humans would come, seeking a day to meet their Forsaken relatives in a day to mend relationships and reunite families.

Sylvanas agreed, though reluctantly, urged by the Desolate Council. 22 Forsaken members attend, (The Desolate Council). 3-4 human members turn back, unable to meet with their families. In return, 3-4 forsaken turn back, also sad their families could not accept them.

The first reunion is heartwarming, a peasant old woman (human) meets with her three (forsaken) sons. The first son shouts 'mama', and she runs towards them. They embrace, group hug.

A father and his daughter (forsaken father, human daughter), too embrace, run and are together.

Two Blacksmiths meet as old friends, one human, one forsaken.

Many meetings are very tense, some hug, some don't. A few others before the end, part ways.

Calia is a hooded priest during this time, with the Netherlight Priests to help with the reunion. People do not know it is her until the reveal.

Some of them continue towards Stromgarde. Calia Menethil, Anduin and Greymane are there. The horn sounds, the Forsaken must return. Some do, many are shocked, some continue onward towards Stromgarde.

All the Forsaken are killed by Dark Rangers, as Calia Menethil reveals herself, telling them to run towards Stromgarde. This is a frenzy moment, the three sons try to defend their mother, all killed. The mother is safe.

Sylvanas kills Calia with an arrow through the heart. She dies. All the Forsaken are dead. No other humans die aside from Calia. Anduin carries Calia back to Stromgarde.

This writing prompt is up to you to write, but it is happening Thursday the 13th. Your character can go to assist with the Ceasefire, they can go to seek undead family members, they can be as successful or as unsuccessful as you want them to be. Keep in mind that ALL forsaken are killed, so if your character is meeting with a forsaken family member, try to stay as lore-friendly as possible. NO humans are killed (Aside from Calia). Also please keep this as lore friendly. Alliance and Horde do not fight at this. Sylvanas has her own people killed, and we can not violate the Ceasefire.

We are bystanders, writing what our characters saw and felt!
From the Desk of the Chancellor
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