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Project Xerxes

Classification Level: Cabinet/DMD

Status: Active

Goal: To reverse-engineer a Legion homunculus and ascertain how to design and produce homunculi under the control of the Magocracy of Dalaran.

Notes: Since the Senate’s infiltration by Legion homunculi in the winter of 37 L.C., the Department of Magical Defense has been working on reverse engineering captured homunculi in order to determine how they are created, and how they can be reproduced without fel magic. Key design differences between Legion and Magocracy homunculi is that the latter are not undead and do not utilize fel in their function.

Design: The homunculus shall be crafted using a composite substance of organic tissue and magitech weaved together to create a life-like creation. The prototype of the homunculus shall contain a crystalline proto-brain that is enchanted with arcane scripts that define basic motor function, as well as personality, memory, and improvisational skills. Key design elements of the Magocracy homunculi shall also include an embedded secure crystal with constant subconscious uplink to Dalaran and an embedded ‘kill-switch’ that involves a full wipe of the crystalline proto-brain.

Phase I: Reverse-engineer Legion homunculus [COMPLETE]

Phase II: Develop functional humanoid homunculus. [In-Progress]

Phase III: Develop and program basic personality and improvisational skills.

Archmage of the Kirin Tor
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