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Dalaran and Stormwind Bilateral Relationship
Archmage Zanbor Emerson


The Kingdom of Stormwind is the undisputed military, political, and economic leader of the Grand Alliance. It supplies the most supplies and manpower to Alliance military endeavors. It is one of the largest places of arcane knowledge outside of Dalaran. (Others include the Silvermoon and Suramar). Therefore it is important to understand the relationship between Dalaran and Stormwind.

One of the greatest boons and hindrances to the bilateral relationship between Stormwind and Dalaran is the distance between them. This distance allowed for a healthy and trust-building relationship to form between to two sovereign states as there was no immediate threat of invasion on either side from the other. Unlike the Kingdoms of Lordaeron and Alterac, Dalaran could more easily trust Stormwind and not fear it. This early trust gave the two nations and long and enduring relationship.

However the distance between the kingdoms also placed a hindrance on the relationship as well. Due to Dalaran's city-state status on the shores of Lake Lordamere with no access to the sea, trade between the two states had to be conducted through land routes that ran the length of the continent or through portals which are costly to maintain. The reduction of trade between any two states can cause that relationship to weaken, however the Dalaran-Stormwind relationship did endure.

Following the Fall of Stormwind at the end of the First War, Dalaran was one of the Human nations that pledged to aid Stormwind and the others in the coalition that took part in the Second War. Dalaran also took in refugees from Stormwind, mostly magi, alchemists, and other learned peoples. These actions would not be forgotten and Stormwind would come to repay them in time.

During the Second War, Dalaran became a part of the Alliance of Lordaeron, with Stormwind, that defeated the Horde. The Kirin Tor at the time were in favor of placing the Orcs in the camps to study and monitor them. Dalaran and Stormwind were the major funders of Nethergarde Keep which was a shining example of the two nations cooperation.

When Dalaran fell during the Third War and much of the northern humand kingdoms were brought into ruin, Stormwind stepped up in and took in the many refugees who fled south. The mages who once where refugees in Dalaran took in their counterparts and made the Mage Quarter of Stormwind City a second home. Many magi of Stormwind aided in the rebuilding and eventual movement of Dalaran that occurred before the War against the Lich King.

Dalaran and the Alliance
It is worth noting Dalaran's relationship with the Grand Alliance when talking about the bilateral relationship with Stormwind as it can be argued that the Grand Alliance is to a large extent Stormwind based. Currently, the Kirin Tor and Dalaran are officially neutral in the Alliance-Horde Wars. This has not always been the case. As stated above, Dalaran has been a member of the Alliance of Lordaeron and later became a member of the Grand Alliance following the Purge lead by Lady Jaina Proudmoore. It is true that they were neutral during the War against the Lich King and the Third Invasion of the Burning Legion, but both times that was due to an existential threat to life on Azeroth that the Kirn Tor took the lead in fighting.

Most of the members of the Kirin Tor and most of the citizens of Dalaran are made up of races that are historically part of the Grand Alliance. Humans, Gnomes, and High Elves (and to a lesser extent Dwarves and Night Elves). While the Kirin Tor and the people of Dalaran have conducted themselves with the utmost integrity during the neutrality era, it is not unreasonable to assume that many of them have lingering attachments to the Alliance and its peoples.

The strong presence of the Silver Covenant and the weakened presence of the Sunreavers following the events of the Purge also contribute to this sentiment. This large constituency of people and the long entangled history Dalaran has with the Alliance has made Dalaran lean more towards the Alliance when push comes to shove.

Issues Today
No relationship is perfect and there are some issues that linger between the two nations. One of Dalaran's top foreign policy goals is to manage the natural distrust the comes when dealing with the arcane and a flying city. Despite a long shared history there are those in Stormwind who still distrust magic users and Dalaran in particular. This is something that the members of the Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences in Stormwind City and the magi of the Order of Azora in Elwynn Forest experience frequently and it would be worth exploring working on the issue with them.

Another issue that arises from time to time is problems that come from the Senate's enforcement of Title III of the Laws of Dalaran, commonly known as the Forbidden Magics Act. Many states, including Stormwind, take issue with the enforcement of the act in their sovereign territory. Therefore it is the duty of a Senate diplomat to explain what the act actual is, what it does and does not entail, and why it is necessary. Explaining to the people that it is for the safety of all of Azeroth is a strong point that must be continually hammered home. Whenever possible working with local magic authorities in the enforcement of the FMA should be the standard operating procedure. Cultivating strong relationships with the arcane authorities of Stormwind will aid in that.
Zanbor Emerson
Minister of Foreign Affairs
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Important Factions & Organizations in Stormwind
There are many important factions and organizations within Stormwind that are of note to Senate diplomats.

House of Nobles
The first of which is the House of Nobles. They are the legislative group of the Kingdom of Stormwind and an advisory body to the King. They make up the elite of the elite and should always be a target for cultivating relationships for any diplomat working in Stormwind.

The Lord High Steward as the leading administrator of the House of Nobles and is an important member of the political establishment in Stormwind as a representative of the King.

The Lord High Prosecutor and his staff in the Ministry of Justice are worth cultivating a relationship with as it is the duty of any Dalaranian diplomat to aid our citizens through the justice system of Stormwind. Additionally having a good relationship with them can smooth issues coming from enforcement of the FMA.

The Lord High Marshal deals with issues of defense and war in Stormwind. Establishing links between the Ministry of Wars of both nations can serve in the long term interests of both. Diplomats must be careful not to get dragged into conflicts forbidden by the Six and the Senate. Please confer with the Ministry of War and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs whenever dealing with the Stormwind War Ministry.

The Lord High Constable is the chief law enforcement officer in Stormwind and leads the Ministry of Interior. The reasoning for importance to Dalaran is similar to that of the Lord High Prosecutor.

The Lord High Chamberlain is the leader of Stormwinds Foreign Affairs Ministry and is of massive importance to Dalaran. A good relationship with this person and ministry will greatly aid the work of Dalaran's diplomats.

The Lord High Exchequer is in charge of the Ministry of Commerce. The Trade Department will have some interest with this ministry but since trade between Dalaran and Stormwind is limited this minister is not as important.

The Lord High Mage and the Ministry of Magical Affairs is one of the most important ministries and political aspects of the city that Dalaran diplomats must be aware of. They are responsible for the enforcement of magical law in Stormwind and should be consulted when making FMA actions whenever possible. They are also responsible for the Circle of Magi and magical defense of the Kingdom.

The Church of the Holy Light
The Church of the Holy Light is based in Stormwind's Cathedral District and a good relationship with the clergy, their bureaucracy, and the bishops and Archbishop can go a long way in making the bilateral relationship between not just Stormwind and Dalaran stronger but many parts of the Grand Alliance and Dalaran stronger.

Relations with the Church have improved immeasurably since my time as a member of the Cabinet of the Senate. Under the leadership of Chancellor Brisby the Church-Senate relationship improved quite a bit and remains strong to this day. All efforts should be made to keep this relationship healthy.

Stormwind Circle of Magi
The Circle of Magi is the most important of the many magical orders and organizations in Stormwind. Always treat members of the circle with respect regardless of rank and maintain good relationships wheneer possible.

Minor Magical Factions
The Academy of Arcanes Arts and Sciences is a leading institution of magic in Stormwind. Maintaining close links through educational diplomacy is a must.

The Order of Azora is an old and noble order of magi based in Elwynn Forest that is always worth checking up on.

The Sarceline Circle, another Elwynn based order of magic, is a part of the Duchy of Westridge and is a bit more military focused than the other orders.
Zanbor Emerson
Minister of Foreign Affairs
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